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Dec 20, 2012 10:48 AM

Desperate in DownIngtown

Hi all, just moved to Downingtown, Pa from Bay Area. Trying to get my bearings, looks like high end restaurants are limited. Where should I be looking? Yelp seems worthless, is West Chester or Kennett Square my best bet? Just looking for some general ideas, butcher shops, cheese shops, coffee shops etc. Thx!!

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  1. Try Wegman's on Route 30. Grower's Markets in West Chester and Kennett Square, Plethora of restaurants in WC - not sure they would be considered "high end" but Limoncello Restorante in WC, The Mediterranean, many people recommend Avalon. Taste of Olive for specialty olive oils and vinegars, Eclat for Chocolate - all in West Chester. Carlino's in West Chester for Italian items. Only went to Fiire Creek in Downingtown once but had a good experience.

    1. Talula's Table in Kennett. Farmhouse in Avondale is OK.

      Avalon, Blue in WC area.

      Whip Tavern in Doe Run is a charming recreation of a Brit Pub.

      Country Butcher in Kennett is good for meats and specialty stuff.

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      1. Coming from the Bay Area, you might be disappointed in the choices for groceries, gourmet foods and dining, but I'm sure you'll eventually find just what you're looking for. Wegmans in D'town is a great place to shop for cheese, prepared foods and many other things. Talula's Table in Kennett is a great place for cheese and I enjoy it for coffee, too. Talula's is also a unique place for dinner, but a reservation might leave you waiting for a year because there's only one table and you have to fill it with 8-12 people. The Country Butcher in Kennett has wonderful prime beef and provides great service if you need something special. For dining out, I'd recommend Sovana Bistro in Kennett.

        A word about Yelp -- and this is just my own personal opinion -- there might be some places in the country where Yelp is accurate and helpful, but this area isn't among them. I've found Chowhound to be the single most reliable source for anything food-related here in southeastern PA.

        1. Hi Tommy, My name is Josh and I am the Mayor of Downingtown. Thanks to google alerts I saw your post. For groceries you want to try Kimberton Whole Foods on Pennsylvania Ave. For a great local place to grab a meal in a cool place, Station Taproom was just named the best new bar in Philadelphia. It's on W. Lancaster in Downingtown. You can't go wrong with Victory Brewing, a favorite in the Philly region either. In addition, if you like BYOBs, Jon Amann at Amani's had been ned the best Chef in Chester County for three years in a row. He uses lots of locally grown food. Any questions, shoot me an email.

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            Could you provide a reference for your comment "Station Taproom was just named the best new bar in Philadelphia"? Thanks

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                Right, thanks cw: " Best Suburban Bar"!

          2. Victory and Station Taproom are two of our favorites. We regularly come up from Delaware to go to both. Second the recs on Carlino's, Whip and Eclat. In WC, High Street Caffe is our favorite for Cajun. Would also note Whole Foods is in Malvern, not far away.