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Dec 20, 2012 10:37 AM

Blue Ribbon Bakery

Other than the bread pudding, what are the must-have dishes at Blue Ribbon Bakery at 36 Downing Street? Thanks!

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  1. Bone marrow, chocolate bruno.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks. Both were excellent. We also tried and loved:

      - Assorted cheese plate
      - Foie Gras Terrine
      - Country Pate
      - Steak Tartare
      - Fried Chicken
      - Grilled Lamb Chops
      - Grilled Asparagus
      - Brussels Sprouts & Parmesan
      - Sauteed Collard Greens
      - Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with Hot Fudge

      Delicious, well prepared comfort food in a cozy setting. We'll be back for sure.