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Dec 20, 2012 10:09 AM

Childhood Meals: What Did You Drink with Them?

Breakfast was a rarity in my house, so my answer is confined to lunch and dinner. And that answer is iced tea. Lipton. In early childhood, the tea was sweetened, but then mom erected a stele of Hammurabi and we switched, evermore, to unsweetened.

That was practically our sole drink with meals. I think I may occasionally have had a soft drink (usually Coke) with lunch, but that was a rare exception. And my parents NEVER had alcholic beverages with their meals.

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  1. Coke or iced tea. In middle school it was mainly Snapple drinks.

    1. Milk, water or juice, when we got older we had wine mixed with water at some dinners. We never had soda in our house.

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        Milk or orange juice at breakfast, milk or water at lunch, water at dinner. We got a scant serving of wine at holiday dinners. And never ever soda at home. If we went out it was water or hot tea. Maternal grandmother would serve us soda with lunch or dinner, one of those treats that only grandma can get away with. Any other beverages - tea, other juices, chocolate milk, etc. were snacks - not served during a meal.

      2. Milk. Or water. Sometimes lemonade, if it was a burger meal in the summertime. But mostly milk or water.

        1. Mostly juice, either apple or grape. The kind made from frozen concentrate. If it was eating out, sprite. I didn't (and still don't) like drinking milk.

          1. Milk or water. Period. My dad usually had a beer (Tuborg); mom had water.