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Dec 20, 2012 09:38 AM

Bacon jam

I would love to make some bacon jam for the first time. Problem is, I'm without a food processor for now. What to do? I do have an immersion blender but can't imagine that would work that well. Also have a blender but I've never been happy with anything that need a uniform chop in a blender. Has anyone had luck without a processor?

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  1. If you have plenty of patience and you don't mind a coarser texture, you could chop it by hand. I think your regular or immersion blender would turn it into a paste.

    1. i don't use a food processor. my recipe uses chopped bacon, lots of chopped red onions, port, maple syrup and sherry vinegar. i hand chop the bacon and onions, because i like the texture that way.

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        Do you chop finely prior to cooking or after? I was going to coarsely chop and then cook. I can further chop after that. I'm afraid if I chop too finely before cooking, it will burn.

      2. If you put the bacon in the freezer for a little while it firms up and makes it pretty easy to chop uniformly. I lay the strips out on parchment or foil on the sheet pan and then take 2 strips out at a time, stack and chop them, get two more out, etc. That way the ones in the freezer are staying firm while you're chopping.