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Dec 20, 2012 09:37 AM

I ate too much of it once...

I've been following the "guilty Holiday Food Pleasure" thread, and that got me thinking...

Is there anything that you ate too much of once (in one sitting) and have NO desire to eat ever again?

For me it's caramel covered popcorn. A friend and I made some when I was a teen - oooey gooey caramel all over it. We ate the entire bowl, and I basically can't even look at the stuff now. Don't do caramel sauce on ice cream either (same reason).

Don't even ask about Kahlua...

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  1. Molten chocolate cake. Two huge servings. Never. Ever. Again.

    And I am a certified chocoholic.

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    1. re: tacosandbeer

      I'll happily trade my caramel popcorn for your molten chocolate cake. Definitely a certified chocoholic over here!

      1. re: jbsiegel

        The first year we were married. I tried to perfect the recipe so I made it 5 times in 2 weeks. Each time there were 4 servings................I've never eaten it again, neither has my husband, he actually forbids me to make it. I've perfected the recipe though =)

        1. re: gourmet wife

 what's the recipe? Maybe I'll make a few batches LOL!

      2. re: tacosandbeer

        I can't even imagine eating two servings of that stuff!!

      3. Banana chips. Looking at the bags in Trader Joe's makes me feel queasy and it has been 40 years since I OD'ed on them. A hard candy called Caramints. Basically, a mint flavored caramel. I now hate mint in anything but savory foods and toothpaste and I'm not too fond of caramel, either.

        1. Chocolate in general. Overdid it as a kid and cant eat really chocolately desserts any more

          1. Not me, but my mother can't even look at those little cinnamon hearts. She spewed them all over a friend's bathroom as a kid. They were apparently picking them off the walls...

            1. Peach Schnapps...enuf said.

              Come to think of it, I did OD on salted, shelled sunflower seeds once and they did a number on my gums. The only sunflower seeds I eat now are as creamy PB.

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              1. re: HillJ

                I have the same peach schnapps issue. I smelled it the other day for the first time in years and felt sick to my stomach!

                1. re: HillJ

                  I ODed on salted, UNSHELLED sunflower seeds once. Well, I OD'ed once but I got MANY reminders in the upcoming days.

                  OMG, this is so gross. First time eating them and a friend said you can eat them shells and all. So I did. And because I love salt so much, I ate a lot more than I should have.

                  In the aftermath, I learnt that the body does not digest shells. I also painfully remembered the rule of chewing 30 times before swallowing.

                  Someone get me a fan!