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Dec 20, 2012 09:33 AM

Food at Penthouse - somewhat, but not too disappointed. [San Francisco]

Given Michael Ellis' Michelin-star pedigree, I was really hoping for something great, but had a feeling that it was probably too good to be true.

To be fair, the event I went to last night was more pass hors d'ouevres rather than a sit down dinner, and it's not totally fair to judge the quality of a restaurant by something like this, but I figured that it could be a great opportunity for a fine-dining chef to create some innovative small bites. Plus, the announcer made sure we knew that the food being passed around was from their michelin-rated stuff, so it doesn't seem like they have an issue with us judging the chef on this food either.

anyway, it was pretty standard passed apps stuff, there was a pretty good egg roll and spanikopita, but most of it was just boring, uncreative stuff. sushi was also some of the worst i've ever had. some OK salmon and dill on a cracker, bruschetta, but nothing noteworthy.

the club itself, however, is definitely one of the best strip clubs in SF, but this is the wrong thread for that :)

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  1. Just as well -- I'd hate for there to be great food in a place I would never go.

    ETA: Naive little me thought "Penthouse -- is that a new restaurant on the top floor of something?"

    1. I dined there in August - but the quality of the food was just average. Not sure who was behind the stove that night. We had steak and potatoes and vegetables. All of it was of a quality that I could have easily done at home, with nothing that made it special or unique (other than the show going on!). Very overpriced, and an expensive wine list. Things may have changed since I was there, however. But I wouldn't go back for the food.