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Dec 20, 2012 09:25 AM

Make-ahead vegetable dish for Christmas Eve

I need to bring a vegetable dish to an Italian "seven fishes" Christmas Eve dinner. I'm working that day, so I'm looking for something I can prepare on Sunday and either re-heat at my friend's house or serve at room temperature. Everything I've come up with (aside from a platter of roasted vegetables) involves grains of some sort, but I think there will be enough of that on the table already. I'd like to keep this dish veggie-heavy, if not exclusively veg. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about a kale or spinach salad?

    1. Do you have a crockpot? Bean and vegetable soup/stew.

      1. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, I make a Green Bean and Red Pepper mix cooked in Chicken Stock. I bring it in a Slow-cooker and then use that to reheat. I add some Garlic and slivered Almonds at that point. A dash or two of Thyme is nice too

        1. How about a ratatouille? That's all vegetables and could be reheated or served at room temperature.

          1. All great ideas, but I should have mentioned that I need to transport it from home, to work, then to my friend's place, which involves a couple of subways and a commuter train. So I think a soup/stew is asking for trouble. I love the idea of a kale salad. That would hold up a lot better than a traditional mixed-green salad.

            For some reason, I keep making ratatouille and I keep finding the results "meh." Do you have a recipe or strategy, jerirl, that's particularly good?

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              A green salad would hold up fine too, as long as you did not dress it until you got there and kept any "wet ingredients" in a separate container from the greens. Indeed, if you wanted to include pear or apple, you can cut it up in advance and place it and the dressing in the same container, separate from the greens, with a tight fitting lid. The acid in the dressing should keep the fruit from oxidizing. If your friend can supply a serving bowl, you can transport the greens in a plastic bag or large container, which should be manageable during your commute.

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                Yes, these would be my suggestions for a lettuce- or spinach-based salad. If the OP chooses kale, better to dress ahead to soften the leaves.