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Dec 20, 2012 08:54 AM

Top 5 best value of 2012

To copy Harters idea but now we want your five best UK meals of 2012 where the food was £30 a head or less.

For me
1) Koya, Soho
2) The Corner Room
3) Delhi Grill, Islington
4) Gilak, Archway
5) Gardeners Cottage, Edinburgh

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  1. Oh, yes, I want to play this game.

    I offer, not in any order:

    1) Northcote. The set lunch is £26 and the website pretty much always has a £5 discount voucher. Twenty one quid for a three course Michelin starred lunch is possibly the bargain of the year.

    2) Lord Clyde, Kerridge, Cheshire. Really good pub food. We didnt have dessert but it would still have been well within £30. We've had a lot of decent pub food this year and this is one of several I could have picked. Consider it representative of the north west's dining pub offerings

    3) Michael Caines at Abode, Manchester. The "Amazing Grazing" menu is a mini-tasting menu affair, offered at lunchtimes. Four courses - £19.

    4) 1539, Chester. The restaurant at Chester Racecourse. Bargain at £14 for three courses. Six plates of food then - five were great, one was a miss but the five were good enough for me to enter 1539 to this thread.

    5) Moti Mahal, London. Set menu in February was on offer at a 50% discount bringing it in at £19. Another bargain.

    1. Hm...

      Not really in any order and most of these are grossly under 30 quid a head. Perhaps I should start a 10 pound a head or less post.

      1. Tasty Jerk. I have had a number of meals at this place that would easily top my monthly food list. Jerk pork all the way.

      2. De Namaste.

      3. Lahori Nihari.

      4. Excellent dokla and samosa for breakfast at Pride Halal.

      5. Restaurant Le Taliet in Deptford for Ivorian.

      Honorable mentions go largely to old favorites. I tried to keep the list a bit more 2012 though I regularly have amazing meals at a lot of places I used to rave about (Thattukada for example.) The Indonesian place on Charing Cross Road would have made the list, but my most recent meal there was not quite as good as previous ones. The selection is bigger and I had great gado gado and rendang, but the mie bakso (which was -amazing- last time) was not nearly as good.

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      1. re: JFores

        Getting dhokla from a restaurant that calls itself pride halal is extremely hard for me to compute, never mind good dhokla.

      2. Haven't been eating out that much this year, but in no particular order:

        Delhi Grill (tastes a lot like my mum's cooking so has a special place in my heart)

        Bibimbap (my first dolsot bibimbap and a good, filling, single dish stop)

        Bone Daddies (recent discovery, excellent flavours and cooking)

        Byron burgers (I know the norm is to recommend the MEATchain but for me it's Byron that I like to visit)

        Pearl Liang (weekend dim sum feast)

        Sunday brunch deal at Cinnamon Soho (went with 4 others, and got a veritable feast to share)

        I need to think further on this as there are various pubs I really enjoy and probably lots of places with lunch specials that fit the budget...

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        1. re: Kavey

          As far as I know, the dim sum at Pearl Liang can be had any day of the week...thankfully!

          1. re: frogprince

            Aah yes, sorry didn't mean to imply otherwise, though realise it reads that way... was more just a comment on my feast last weekend. :-)

            1. re: Kavey

              No problem...was worried I had missed out on a new menu!