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Dec 20, 2012 08:40 AM

ISO christmas/winter market...with gluhwein

do we have any of these markets? if so, do any serve gluhwein?

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  1. Might have to go to Nuremberg for that one.

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    1. re: mnajji

      there's one in stuttgart that i've got shit faced at more than a few for something slightly closer tho...just found out about the distillery one...but it's over...

      1. re: nevrenuf

        Yeah, I was actually trying to describe the typical weihnachtsmarkt to some coworkers two weeks ago to see if there were any that they knew of here or in Montreal. Most were clueless at what I was getting at.

        My manager (also a bit of a foodie) said he went to the one Distillery District... but it lacked lustre.

        And certainly no distilled caramel (or something?) 55% ABV beverages to be had. Or spekulatius.

    2. There is a thread on Christmas/Winter markets here: But, I think they are all done for the year:

      The Distillery one did have mulled wine, but, not sure if there was a particular style/spice mix of mulled wine that makes it "gluhwein"

      1. Did anyone try the mulled wine at Distillery?