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Dec 20, 2012 08:19 AM

What to Serve with French Toast Casserole

The DH has requested my French Toast Casserole for Christmas morning...which was not in my original plan. I'll make some bacon, but not sure what to do for an egg dish. I'm really tired of scrambled eggs, and I hate fried eggs (yes, it's true). I thought about a strata or something along those line, but ruled it out because I thought two casseroles might seem odd.

Anyone have a novel idea for me?

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  1. Poached eggs? Okay, not very original . . .

    1. Personally, if I have kick-ass french toast (or a french toast casserole), I don't really need anything else, except for maybe some jam or good maple syrup as a topping.

      And, honestly, why do you *need* an egg dish? It's not like you don't already have eggs in your french toast, right?

      And there's already protein in the bacon (in addition to the french toast).

      Just sayin ...

      1. baked/shirred eggs. I make a pseudo eggs benedict this them in muffin pan or individual english muffin or crumpet with egg/bacon/hollandaise

        1. Something with a little tartness, like a fresh fruit cup or a small citrus (red grapefruit, clementines, blood orange) cup. Might be a good companion to the fatty crisp bacon and the sweetness of the casserole.

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          1. re: pinehurst

            I agree. You've got a complete meal, and a hefty one at that. I wouldn't add anything except maybe fruit.

            1. re: pinehurst

              Now that I will have. I have some fabulous blood red orange juice to serve, and fruit cups with yogurt.

            2. Agreed with the other posters, no need for an egg dish, you already have the eggs in the french toast. Also agreed that a tart fruit would be good.