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Dec 20, 2012 08:16 AM


looking for excellent nova. we missed out on having it shipped from zabars. no interest in anything from Barry's--find the place dingy. thanks!

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  1. Wegman's has top quality, if you feel like schlepping out to Northborough. Surprised about your impressions of Barry's.....I find it fine to pickup a few items from the counter to bring home.

    1. The Butcherie in Brookline is tops in the area IMO. Go for the hand cut Nova. They are closed on Saturdays.

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        +1 for the Butcherie (you may, however, find it dingy if you find Barry's dingy). In addition to nova and hand-cut options, you'll find smoked white fish, sable, and other treats. If you are an "explorer" go to Baza in Newton where the options for smoked fish, including salmon, are dazzlingly endless.

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          Baza is an excellent rec. I always forget about them.....although I can't remember whether they hand slice or not. Do you know, teezeetoo?

          1. re: Science Chick

            I've thought about whether they do, SC, and I can't remember! They have a fish market and I've bought quite a few different things from them but I don't think I asked for hand-cut nova.

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          I've had mixed results at the Butcherie. I like that it's cut to order and not suffocating in plastic like most nova. The people at the butcherie are also friendly. But, the slicing is pretty rustic compared to a place like Russ & Daughters or to what's sold at WF or Costco. The thickness can be overwhelming for me. Also, the nova can sometimes be not quite as fresh as I'd like (not over the hill mind you) but not as fresh as some of the other smoked fish they go through (which are a great value).

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            I think the Butcherie is NOT a good place for much of anything. Fine in a pinch, but not the real deal, and I agree that the quality is often middling on the fish.

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              I've got no clue what you mean by not the real deal, but I've never had anything but outstanding quality fish there.

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                I did a huge shop there about a year ago, after having been disappointed many years ago. Hoping for the lost glatt kosher fair of my youth. Bought 8 or so different things of prepared food and some lox and a whitefish. The prepared food all ranged from bland to flavorless. Ended up throwing out the kugel that tasted like packing peanuts, the Nova wasn't terrible, but it was just a bit tired. The soup we bought also ended up unfinished. Like many places with a captive audience and little competition I feel they just don't have to try that hard to maintain the business.

                I'd hit any of the Russian places, see my recent discussion of Baza, though not kosher, for similar fair long before i'd do another butcherie run.

        3. The Blue Hill Bay smoked salmon at Costco (the premium line from Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn) is excellent, the best packaged product I've come across. Zabar's, Fairway, Barney Greengrass, and Russ & Daughters in NY do excellent hand-sliced Nova, but unless you're going there and carrying it back you're probably better off with Blue Hill Bay. I believe Whole Foods carries it in smaller packages than Costco's, as well.

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