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Dec 20, 2012 08:00 AM

Buy goose in Seattle?

Hi all,

I want to smoke a goose for Christmas. Does anyone know where I can get a whole goose? Preferably reasonably local, etc.

... I'd also be interested in hearing any thoughts / recommendations on how to smoke it.


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  1. University meat and poultry ? had them last weekend.

    1. You can order them from Met Market

      1. Given how large a goose is, I would recommend a brine. I'd strongly consider a parboil; goose is very fatty. Well, very fatty, unless it's wild, in which case it is illegal to sell -- so I'm assuming a farmed goose. Besides, you want that goose fat. So maybe throw it in a roasting pan, skin slit, for 2-3 hours, on 225, then put it on the smoker?

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        1. We split some discussion of cooking the Goose now that it has been obtained (from Univ Seafood and Poultry, according to Gmauger's post) over to Home Cooking at:

          We hope people who have (or want!) tips on preparing goose will check it out there.

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            Or Met Market, according to dagoose's post.

          2. Haven't checked this year but Uwajimaya usually brings in geese from Grimaud Farms which are excellent. I ordered mine from Schlitz Farm in Iowa (free range, organic, no antibiotics) as I have once before and I highly recommend them but it's probably too late for you this year.