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Overheard someone talk about/mention "Chowhound" in everyday life?

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I was getting my hair cut the other day and their was a discussion about a local restaurant and someone brought up social media/ chow hound, etc in terms of reviews. I found it funny because I find a lot of people don't know about CH, even people into food.

Any stories people have of hearing someone talking about CH and maybe meeting a fellow board member that way. I didn't ask who he was on CH but was kind of curious!

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  1. Nope. Never heard anyone in real life mention Chowhound and doubt whether I ever will.

    I'd doubt whether there are more than a handful of people in the UK who ever use the site. I only came across it some years back when researching for a holiday in America. And then it was ages before I realised that not all of the posters on the UK/Ireland board were American tourists just visiting London or ex-pats living in that part of the the two countries.

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      I live in the UK and love Chowhound - though to be fair I did hear about it when I lived in the States and was getting a bit jaded with Yelp. Still do yelp, but go to CH first these days.

    2. Yes, I do occasionally hear it mentioned. My own sister uses the site, but I don't what alias she uses, and I think I'm happier not knowing. She doesn't know who I am on the site either. I do know that we tend to post on different boards.

      1. I mentioned CH to my sister several years ago and she said she was familiar with it. Doesn't post, but part of her job is looking up information and reviews of restaurants to help guide them in their marketing so she often searches here.

        1. My SO is still confused when I refer to CHOW and Chowhounds.

          1. I never have and I don't think I have ever mentioned it to anyone, except my husband who probably hears more "Tales from Chowhound" than he would care to. Occasionally, if I find myself referring to a CH discussion while with friends, I just say, "this board I go on". Just yesterday, I was thinking of asking my Facebook friends if any of them happen to be active CHers, just to satisfy my own curiosity, but then decided I prefer to keep this to myself.

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              <I was thinking of asking my Facebook friends if any of them happen to be active CHers, just to satisfy my own curiosity, but then decided I prefer to keep this to myself.>

              That's how I am. I suspect that a couple of my friends are, but I would rather not know.

            2. The only time I've ever heard it mentioned was on a Yelp message board, and the members there complaining that Chowhounders are snobby LOL

              1. At least once a month. Work, friends, family, restaurants, farms, wine stores, blogs, newsletters and film crews.

                Can't get away from it :)

                1. Once, I started telling a friend bout CH and her son put his finger to his lips. Shhh! I decided not to say anything more.

                  1. Sadly, no. It's funny, though, as I have acquaintances who consider themselves to be "in the know" in food circles. Then again, they also believe you can purchase authentic balsamic for $15 at Winners.

                    1. I just heard my dentist of over 10 years mentioned chowhound to me today during my check-up!!!!! Told me his teenage son refuses to receive present from him for birthday, but instead, wanted to pick a restaurant from CH and have the Dad take him there for a meal instead! Wise Kid!!!
                      My dentist also mentioned his cousin, who used to be my family doctor, also follows CH too!

                      1. One of the funnier moments of working for the site was when I was making small talk with a police officer while she took a report from me (my credit card was cloned, and the bank wanted a report filed). When I told her I worked with Chowhound, she got really excited and then we spent about an hour talking about food.

                        1. You mean like in real life? :)

                          1. Uh, let's see. In real everyday life, I dropped the CH name twice. The first time I did, the girl jotted it down all excited because she liked the CH name and she and her boyfriend dine out a lot. The second time I dropped the CH name, I was in an Ice cream shop and the girl next to me inquired as to how I learned of the place. I told her Chowhound.com, and she smiled back and said, "Oh, I'm on there too". We continued chatting and scarfed down a 3-scoop sundae each.

                            1. I went to a local food truck and the proprietor asked me how I found him. When I said ChowHound, he told another customer who had also evidently mentioned it. Turns out the other customer reads CH but doesn't post.