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Christmas Prime Rib Roast Looking For Sides

What side dishes would you serve with your Christmas Prime Rib Roast?

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  1. I'm serving mine with a jus and sour cream with horseradish sauce, roasted chipollinis and sauteed button mushrooms, rainbow carrots, asparagus with hollandaise, and either a Gruyere duchess potato or Parmesan potato pave.

    That's my main. I'll have Cape Bay scallops wrapped in bacon and clam casino for hors d'oeuvres, a salad of bibb lettuce, bosc pear, candied walnuts, danish blue cheese with a red wine vinaigrette, and an appetizer of a lobster cannelloni. Lots of food so I plan on stretching out the day at a slow pace.

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      Agree on the potatoes. Pommes Dauphinois is my go-to for a decadent side. Although, this year, I think I'm going to make it with garlic-infused milk vs. cream.

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        I just want to thank you for saying "with a jus" instead of "with an au jus".

        Also, your menu sounds very good. I wish that I could be a guest for such a feast.

        Oh right, sides. I'm really into hashed Brussels sprouts these days, some kind of creamy potato, mushrooms, possibly spiced carrots.

      2. Jus, cranberry-horseradish-wasabi relish, mandatory mashed potatoes, plus a subset of Jamie Oliver's mega vegetable roast (carrots, fennel, Eastham turnip, maybe parsnips, but not beets). Cranberry pie for dessert.

        1. I serve with a traditional wedge salad, duchess potatoes, and asparagus.

          1. MMMmmmm...roasted brussel sprouts tossed with crumbled blue cheese, roasted rosemary potatoes, waldorf salad, and of course, horseradish sauce.

            1. Ina Garten's spinach gratin.

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                  Agreed - Yorkshire pudding!

                  Spinach gratin, roast veggies, & salad all sound good too, along with the pud.

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                      As mandatory as the mashed potatoes.

                    2. Prime rib is a rich piece of meat so serving rich cheesy / creamy sides tends to lead to a cloyed palette. Therefore I tend to make lighter sides and incorporate acid into at least one of them to keep the mouth alive.

                      Vinegar potatoes or roasted rosemary potatoes
                      Sautéed lemon garlic broccoli or Asparagus
                      Au Jus

                      1. Duchess potatoes sound really good. Where can I find a good recipe?

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                          This Julia Child adaptation is the one I use but I prefer Gruyere to regular Swiss Cheese....


                        2. I once served with quick sauted sugar snap peas. It is also a side at my favorite steakhouse. Although it is done last minute, it is quick and really added a crunch and a nice color to the plate.

                          Also that year, I added horseradish to my scalloped potatoes instead as a sauce.

                          Merry Christmas!

                          1. A tart of puff paste with caramelized onions, fresh thyme, chèvre, and fig preserves is something I have had with roast beef in lieu of potatoes before.

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                            1. I'm leaning towards stuffed artichokes and Italian cheeses and meats for appetizers. An Arugula salad with a honey mustard balsamic vinagrette dressing. Duchess potatoes, brocolli rabe in oil and garlic, and sauteed mushrooms for my sides. Italian pastries from Brooklyn for dessert.

                              1. Creamed spinach and mashed potatoes here along with a grilled romaine salad with plenty of blue cheese.