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Dec 20, 2012 06:01 AM

Recommendation for Kingston

It's been a long time since I've been to Kingston, so I'm thinking there have to be places not named Chez Piggy to go for dinner. If possible, I'm looking for well prepared food in a romantic setting. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. re: bytepusher

      just bumping this up....

      Will be in Kingston in the next few months and need ideas for 2 nice dinners.

      From the ones listed above, Casa Italian seems the most appealing. Is there anything else maybe??


      1. re: millygirl

        Top Choices: Casa Domenico is where we've held recent journal clubs b/c Aquaterra is having renovations. The tiramisu and hazelnut mousse are delicious, great carpaccio, there's a spicy shrimp app and a similar entree (they're the exact same except one has pasta) but delicious.

        And a little know Thai restaurant, Thai House Cuisine. The decor is more upscale than other sushi/Korean/Cambodian restaurants in Kingston (no sweats, but nice jeans, sort of a nice date place). It serves standard Thai menu staples.

        1. re: millygirl

          MG, I just discovered a delightful new restaurant in west Kingston that you should enjoy. It's Days on Front.

          Second generation restauranteur Matthew Day of downtown Kingston's Aquaterra fame has developed a very pleasant restaurant in the somewhat unlikely setting of a mature suburban service plaza. Don't go for the neighbourhood, it's all about the mostly locally sourced sumptuous food and competent service with a very contemporary interior. The menu is sensibly economical in variety so everything can be exceptional, and it is.

          I had the Seared Scallops ($11) with bacon jam, pine nuts and leek and brown butter to start. Simple and fantasic! My main was a picture perfect Duck Confit Salad ($14) on a quinoa base surrounded with apple, spinach & arugula, figs and cashews. Another wow.

          They are open for lunch Monday to Saturday, so anyone making the trek along the 401 to/from Montreal or Ottawa can take advantage of a thoroughly refreshing stop. It's about 7 km south of the 401 along Gardiners Road with a jog right and left and then south on Days Road to 730 Front Road.

          I'd recommend reservations if you can as they are already very popular, just as you would expect at any other of Canada's top restaurants. (613-766-9000).

      2. Olivea, Casa, Woodenheads

        Not many other options..

        1. Chez Piggy is my top choice for Kingston with Chien Noir a close second. Woodenheads is a bit more casual, but the food is fantastic.

          1. Went to school in Kingston for 4 years. Woodenheads was ALWAYS the go-to choice for food in Kingston (hence it's the only place you have to make a reservation if you want a chance to eat at on Friday and Saturday nights). The pizza is obviously where it is at but the tapas were respectable as well

            Atomica is probably the second choice for pizza but really, it's Woodenheads or nothing.

            But for the full gastronomical Luke's is the way to go (careful, it's a bit pricy)

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            1. re: mnajji

              Luke's is interesting but the cooking is very adventurous verging on stunt cooking and it does not always work (the one beef dish I had sounded great on paper but getting the crispy crust on the outside meant the inside was overcooked and dry). They do try to make the room nice (and by "they" I mean Luke and his mom Carrie) but it can feel a little odd, especially if you are the only diners in the place which is a frequent experience.

            2. Pat's on Division st. Great Thai/Cambodian
              We always go there when were in KTown. Panchanco is great for lunch or coffee and pasrtie, same owners of Che Piggy.

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              1. re: fatman0000

                I love Pat's, it's a gem, but I would hardly describe it as romantic, you're sitting in a converted gas station (as far as I can tell) at a formica booth, while the owner's younger kids do their homework or play at a nearby table (the older kids are your servers as far as I can tell). I love it but it's not what I would label romantic