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Dec 20, 2012 05:52 AM

Refrigerator Temperature

Hi there! I was just curious what temperature you set your refrigerator to. We have the GE Cafe brand french door with freezer drawer refrigerator and it has an internal water dispenser. My husband sets the refrigerator to 35 and the water dispenser freezes up all the time! Its pretty funny to watch him blowdrying the inside component however its getting a bit annoying. Additionally some of the food in the fridge will have ice all over it or liquids will freeze into ice. Is 40* too high for the fridge? What do you keep your refrigerator set to?

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  1. I maintain mine at,3 / 35*f and one / 40*f and I use a thermometer not some factory installed calibration to be certain.I have 2 refrigerator/freezer thermometers I move around to check periodically.

    Water freezes at 32*f,not 35*f so with good circulation even frosty spots shouldn't occur and don't here.My guess would be the calibration/thermostat is off,not the idea of 35*f.

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      Interesting, it hadn't crossed my mind that the thermometer could be incorrect! Thank you for the suggestion :)

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        The digital readout / set point in ours is 34, however a digital thermometer reads between 36 and 37 most of the time when I open the door in the morning. Other times is may read as high as 39, depending on where it is in the cycle and if the door has been opened receintly. My thermometer is on the top shelf, lower shelves could be slightly cooler, not sure where the fridge takes the reading.

    2. I set and check mine for 40 degrees F.

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        Thanks for your responses! I'm keeping the temperature at 40* because I think my thermometer is a few degrees off. If anything spoils i'll report back lol

      2. The manual for my new refrigerator recommends 41°F.

        1. Below 40 is where you should be. Above 40 and you enter the food temperature "danger zone". This is where bacteria eagerly grow. Food in this temperature range should be thrown out after 4 hours...not something I want my refrigerator to encounter...I tend to keep food longer than 4 hours.

          34-38 is a good range.