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Dec 20, 2012 05:36 AM

Rib Roasts.....

Are all "choice" meats the same? CM has it for $12.99/lb and Kroger has it for $7.99/lb both are "choice". Seems like a no-brainer. Any comments??

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  1. For no technical reason, I'd go with Kroger. In the broad sense, "choice" is "choice" and "rib roasts" by any definition is great. Did you notice if CM's is Angus - they tend to carry a lot of it.

    One thing is true - The "small end", ribs 9-12 are more tender and less fatty than the large end, ribs 6-9. Also, have the meat cutter remove the bones and tie back on for roasting - remove ribs (cook's treat) for easy carving. As the meat rests, "bones on" will hasten the cooking outside the oven.

    Bone removal and tie-back was gratis at Albertson's a few years ago - no up-charge.

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      1. re: battman1_2000

        Assuming Kroger's is not Angus, that would explain about $4 of the markup - the remainder CM branding

    1. Costco has "choice" rib roasts for 8.99 lb this year, a dollar more than Kroger and Sprouts. Why? Are theirs better?

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        1. re: twinwillow

          Upon what do you base your assumption?

          1. re: Khatru

            If all the beef were talking about is USDA choice, Then the beef probably comes from similar finishing feedlots. So then in my opinion, it boils down to cost, profit, and margins.