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Dec 20, 2012 02:06 AM

Dish of the month - December 2012

Ha, thought it would be good to make sure this happens for December as I like these posts :-)

Anyway, a good excuse for me to rave about the cheesecake with a kind of crisp vermicelli base and drizzled with honey and nuts at Honey & Co. on Warren Street. A dessert to die for - luscious, light, brilliant contrast of textures. Had it twice now and both times it's been fantastic.

I generally love this place anyway - it's round the corner from my office and I can't get enough of it. Lunch options fantastic, but also their breakfast ones are great too. Had the most wonderful merguez and tomato sausage "roll" with egg the other day. Fantastic.

Would love to know your choices!

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  1. Nice to keep this going.

    Mine this month was scallop risotto with white truffle at Martin Wishart in Edinburgh.

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    1. re: ManInTransit

      how was the rest of your trip manintransit?

      i'm waiting to do this until after xmas eve as i have lunches at the curlew and marcus wareing coming up. having said that, they'll have to work hard to beat the meal i had at john salt last week (which i must write up!)

      1. re: abby d

        Hi Abby - I wrote it up here

        We really loved Edinburgh and thank you for the Gardeners Cottage recommendation.

        Must try John Salt, had pretty rave reviews and I live five mins away! Look forward to your writeup.

    2. We haven't been out much this month, but what comes to mind are the chocolate profiteroles at Pearl. They were seriously bad for my diet but worth every calorie.

      1. It's not been the most outstanding month of the year, even though there's been a Michelin 2* meal in it. And I'm actually not going for a Ledbury dish. Looking through my notes, I first scribbled down the king prawns patia at Cafe Spice Namaste. They were good,. Really good.

        But my overall "bloody hell, that was good" dish of the month was the lamb kleftiko at the Stolen Lamb in Wilmslow, Cheshire. It was everything you want a kleftiko to be - an oozing, unctious stew - ideal for a cold, wet northern night.

        1. For me it's either the Byron Triple Cheesemas seasonal burger. (= two 6oz hamburgers, onion and spicy sauce + three cheeses - American cheese, Emmenthal and Monterey Jack).

          Or perhaps the ramen at Bone Daddies, when friend and I made an impromptu visit one evening. Actually, their karaage chicken was incredible, too.

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          1. re: Kavey

            I think I've got to try the ramen either here or at Tonkotsu when I'm back - seems like the most unusual (for London) of the new offerings lately.

            1. re: gembellina

              The broth is actually a little TOO thick, and for me, it'd be perfect if thinned down a touch and more of it served. But the flavour is superb and their egg and pork are both really excellent.

          2. Slim pickings this month.
            Would have to plump for the poori masala at Sarvanaa.
            I have had better poori and the potato masala was a little underspiced. But the second gravy was so delicious I can taste it now. A great whack of fennel and spice I could have drunk a pint of it.