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Dec 20, 2012 12:28 AM

Asian grocery store near Oak Park?

Anyone know of a decent Asian market/grocery store just West of the city? Or should I head to Chinatown?

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  1. It totally depends what ingredients you are looking for. Even in Chinatown, you may not be able to find what you want. Since you mention Oak Park, you may want to look into Chicago Food Corp on Kimball just n. of Belmont. from Oak Park, it's a pretty quick drive on side streets heading east. Worth the travel for the selection they have. I normally stock up on major pantry staples from cfc or tai nam or super h, then in between stockups, I supplement at the Tony's in North Riverside. BIG Asian markets in or around Oak Park tho, I can't really think of any that are notable at all.

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      Yeah, the closest big Asian market I can think of is H-Mart in Niles, which really isn't all that close. (The H-Mart in Naperville is twice as far, but at least it's a direct shot via the highway.) Maybe someone else knows something close by?

    2. We went to the H-mart in Niles because I needed a lot of stuff, but would love for something closer.... even just to be able to get some fish sauce, oyster sauce or some interesting vegetables...

      I'll check out Chicago Food Corp too. Thanks guys.

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        Have you checked out Caputo's on Grand Ave in Elmwood Park? Although not specifically Asian, their produce selection is much broader than what you find in the major supermarket chains (and with better prices). Also almost certainly have fish and oyster sauce.