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Dec 19, 2012 08:46 PM

NYC Wedding 60-75 guests... Help!!!

Hi! I am trying to find a reliable wedding venue in NYC(including outer boroughs as long as easily accessible by subway) for about 60 to 70 (tops 75) guests. It will be during the springtime. The brides dream is having a NYC venue with large windows (penthouse type) however she would like to keep the venue fee+ food+ decor + any rentals under 10K. Does anyone have any ideas? Ideally she would like to have the ceremony and bridal suite at the same site for convenience.

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  1. I think your budget might be a bit low for that many guests. Are you thinking of a sit down dinner or just cocktails and canapes?

    1. Agreed,
      Your budget is quite low. You will need to think outside the box to come in under budget. I did it at a beer garden in Brooklyn and saved thousands. The food was chicken, chili & sides and everyone loved it.

      1. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, on Crosby St. (easily accessible by subway), might be able to come close to that budget. We were married there a year ago June and it was fabulous. Great food. Great venue. Great cause.

        1. Bowery Hotel would have been nice, it has everything you describe , except you need to make the budget about $40k.
          Just passed around hors d'oevres at the Varick Room, generally a great value and also a nice venue, would cost about $15k. Best Bet maybe a deal at Country Club ( if you know a member), or Golf Course like Split Rock, or Oyster Bay or in NJ.. As I'm typing, I'm thinking maybe Frankie's on Court St. in their backyard. Call them.

          1. Thank you all for the suggestions. I know that the budget is very small. I was thinking of renting a small bare space, adding on the decor items and then hiring an inexpensive caterer for a buffet style meal.

            Does anyone have any rental space ideas for about 60-70ish guests?

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              Try the Varick Room ( varick and canal) That's their business,, private events. they can help you with the catering,, they have a bar ,, it's perfect. They Audio system, screening rooms. coat check,,whatever you need