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Dec 19, 2012 08:15 PM

New Year's Eve Dinner- won't break the bank, Boston

Hi all!

This is my first time posting here.

My boyfriend and I recently moved to Boston from NYC and I'm still trying to figure out the restaurant scene.

Any suggestions for a romantic, yummy dinner on NYE? I'd like to go out to eat without breaking the bank. It doesn't have to be super casual, something mid tier would be great. We're pretty adventurous eaters so are open to a number of cuisines and live in Beacon Hill (I'd like to be in North End, Back Bay, South End).

Just would like a nice night out in a place where we can talk and celebrate the year and not spend $300 on dinner.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Welcome to Boston! One of the real money savers on a holiday like NYE is to find a place that is serving its regular menu and not insisting on a prix fixe meal.

    I recently wrote a piece on New Year's Eve dining around Boston and found that Eastern Standard, Island Creek, Grotto, Marliave, and Kitchen are all serving their regular menu. Rendezvous in Central Square has a special menu but it is al la carte.

    Anyone else spotted regular or not prix fixe menus out there.

    In Beacon Hill you could check Lala Rokh for Persian food and a lovely atmosphere.


    1. Erbaluce is doing NYE, no prix fixe, do what you want. They're calling it "drop in" NYE, as opposed to formal, but will do a full tasting if that's what you want. Definitely within your price range. I'm a huge fan of the place (not everyone is).

      1. I agree with Zest, find a place not insisting on a very expensive prix fixe..which may be hard to book reservations for now. Eastern Standard and Island Creeek are great choices (have not had the others).

        Last year we did Sportello and while the seating is strange we found it fun to sit side by side counter style and have some great pasta. They also have a nice bar downstairs (Drink). If you can bear the cold you can probably run to the harbor about 5 mins away and watch the fireworks at midnight as well.