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Dec 19, 2012 07:20 PM

what salad would you make? (urgent)

I need to make a salad for a potluck tomorrow; prefer not to go to the store, since we had a party on Saturday and I have decent quantities of leftovers that I'm hoping will come together. What would you put in; what would you leave out? I have too much of an "everything but the kitchen sink" tendency....

Salad stuff
-- lots of baby bell peppers, tri-color
-- lots of baby cucumbers
-- baby carrots
-- roasted tomatoes
-- pack of trader joe's cooked lentils
-- canned garbanzos
-- dry salami (thin slices)
-- hunk of roasted turkey
-- manchego cheese
-- goat cheese
-- gorgonzola crumbles
-- sliced white cheddar cheese lots

Dressing imgredients:
-- lots of caramelized onion/roasted garlic dip (quite sweet from onions)
-- very small amount of green goddess dip
-- garden parsley
-- meyer lemons
-- vinegars balsamic, rice wine, sherry, cider, white
-- orange muscat champagne vinegar (trader joe's)
-- oils walnut, grapeseed, EVOO
-- plain yogurt

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Rice salad using the meyer lemons and peppers. Cook rice in chicken broth cool. Make a dressing with salad oil, lemons, salt and pepper. Chopped vegetables, peppers, carrots add fresh ginger if available. Toss, fridge overnight. Dress up with parsely and almond slivers if available.

    1. Combinations that would work for me:
      - garbanzos, manchego, tomatoes, cucumbers & parsley dressed with a garlicky meyer lemon & olive oil dressing
      - lentils or garbanzos, goat cheese, tomatoes & parsley with a vinaigrette of Dijon mustard, sherry vinegar & olive oil
      - cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, yogurt dressing

      1. Think middle eastern-ish. Roast the baby carrots and peppers. Combine with tomatoes, garbanzos, parsley and assorted veg. Make dressing by combining onion dip, yoghurt, chili, cumin, thinned with Meyer lemon. Make it quite lemony and yoghurty. Spread roasted veg on platter and dribble dressing on top at last minute.

        1. Thanks to all of you! I skipped the roasting, but otherwise followed katnat's suggestion pretty closely. It ended up being dictated more by the quantities / what needed to be used, but it's not bad. I appreciate your thoughts!