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Dec 19, 2012 06:50 PM

DC Bar Hopping

I'm heading to DC on the 28th to meet up with an old friend. He knows the city well but is at a loss for places to go. We're looking to do some fun bar hopping, get some decent food but not wind up at crazy bars or dull places. We'd love bars that have good beer/wine selections and are places where we can talk and catch up. I think we'll be metro-ing it around the city so staying in and around metro stops isn't a bad thing but walking/cabs aren't impossible either.

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  1. The U Street/Logan Circle area is probably a good idea, lots of bars in close proximity. Check out Bar Pilar, St. Ex, Dickson, Vinoteca, Churchkey, or Estadio.

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      This would be my recommendation as well. I would start at Bar Pilar and get a cocktail and some small plates (the chicken liver pate is amazing!). Then you can work your way down 14th Street. Maybe check out Masa 14, Cork and Churchkey.

    2. I would also checkout Marvins(rooftop deck) and Lost Society on U and 14th