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Dec 19, 2012 06:38 PM

ISO Butcher or Meat Purveyor in Detroit

Cookbook writer M. Ruhlman is looking for a good butcher shop in the Detroit area. Anyone?

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  1. Nithsches in Shelby Township - for my smoked pork products and tube steaks.

    Fairway Packing in Detroit - for my red meat needs

    1. It's not wonderful, or quaint, or hipster, or anything but a butcher shop. But they have DAMN good meat, and provide meat to a lot of the area restaurants. It's Jack's in Novi at 10 and Meadowbrook. The owner is quirky but their product just speaks for itself.

      Not sure if Novi will count for the Detroit area, but there are a ton of meat purveyors in Detroit anyway.

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      1. re: charlesbois

        Thanks for this, have driven by but never stopped in here.

        Best regards, Tony

      2. Am I the only one that find it odd that Michael did not just call Chef Polcyn for this info? He has restaurants in Milford and Birmingham and teaches in Livonia. Also Michael's personal assistant is from Rochester???

        As for my personal favorite butcher in SE Michigan is Sparrow Meats in Ann Arbor. Also like Fairway, Melo Farms at Eastern Market, and Papa Joe's.

        I am aware of a certain group of people also looking to bring a great high end butcher shop to the Detroit area, but that project is a year or so away before opening.

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        1. re: JanPrimus

          Not odd at all. He is trying to drive internet traffic so he makes more money.

          1. re: JanPrimus

            JP, Yes I found it odd. But, since JayT90 is a highly established contributor on the Toronto board, I figured, eh, I probably should lend the person the benefit of the doubt. (Would like more feedback on this thread from JayT90, though)

            The post is difficult, too, because I don't know the scope of vicinity or meat/services desired. All I can say is that I already got me a beautifully aged, all natural, USDA Prime prime rib for Christmas, from Fairway (PS-Meghan not working). Can't wait to slow roast that gem. Would it be terrible of me to wish that Jesus had been born just a few days premature?

            Also +1's for Papa Joe's ($) and Sparrow.
            Went to SCS's Butcher Boy today, based on Goatgolfer's rec, but didn't arrive while open. Impressive from the outside, though! So, I figured I then had a good excuse to motor on to (Redtop certified) nearby Bommarito's for some hi-cal Italian baked goods...about which time I passed a street named "Rosedale" --- coincidence???

            +1 for Nithsches in BFE, but I'd imagine 4 out of 5 people would prefer Polish Market on 15 Mile & Dequindre for such N. Euro style pork selections.

            1. re: VTB

              I spotted MR's request on Twitter and repeated it, almost word for word, here. I have no connection with Ruhlman other than being a fan, and a volunteer recipe tester for Ratio.

              1. re: jayt90

                Hey Jay, I don't think anyone was accusing you of anything. I know I wasn't.
                My comment was basically driven by how MR seems to have 'embraced' social media recently.

                1. re: Markcron

                  i am not accusing anyone myself, just thought it was odd since he has two VERY knowledgeable people in his Rolodex that live local, but then after my meetings with MR, this should not have surprised me. :)

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    Needless to say, Fairway folks are as big of publicity hounds as is MR, so it would be a match made in heaven. Whatever he needs, they'll be able to make it happen.

                    Did I mention my USDA Prime, long aged, prime rib roast from Fairway that now is just hours away from going into my hacked low-temp oven? Come to Papa!

              2. re: VTB

                '+1 for Nithsches in BFE, but I'd imagine 4 out of 5 people would prefer Polish Market on 15 Mile & Dequindre for such N. Euro style pork selections'

                Nitches is hardly IN BFE since it's tucked neatly between Rochester and all the shopping near Lakeside. FWIW there's also a Polish Market near Lakeside, Not that I would ever suggest either location as a butcher. They do sell meat but the selection is pretty weak beyond the awesome snausage selection and etchnic tid bits.
                Papa joes used2B great but for me the new one in Rochester is pretty anemic. The Birmingham store still has some nice selections but nothing matches the selection around the Eastern Market or Sparrow. Just be selective @ Sparrow as they can be a bit "slick" with the marketing. Meat air drying in the cooler is not dry aged and I've seen a lot of select grade meat waiting for the unsuspecting consumer. They do have Duck Legs, Duck fat and nice steaks but again watch the grade and if you are unsure ASK! There's a reason that meat is less $ per # than other stores. ;) They still get my pick as the lamb chops are killer and they often have bison, wild boar and berkshire pork shoulder.
                Plus I can run across the street and grab some magic brownies and bacon @ Zingermans.

              3. re: JanPrimus

                This is a good time to visit Eastern Market for meat (or viewing it from a curiosity standpoint). The Melo folks are always there with their excellent pork, but the "oinking on Thursday, hanging on Friday, for sale on Saturday" pork folks are also there in the middle of the enclosed building (until Spring-ish) with some very good smoked pork chops, and also pig heads and "bits" for the adventurous.

                1. re: HillsofBeverly

                  mm...just discovered the "oinking Thursday, on sale Saturday" folks last spring. Good stuff and ridiculously cheap

              4. I really like market place meats in waterford