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Dec 19, 2012 05:56 PM

Birthday cake

Coming to NYC for my husband's 50th birthday. Dinner with family members at Fig and Olive (meatpacking) and I need a bakery that delivers and has the best cakes! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Momofuko?

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  1. What flavor does your husband like for cake? Chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc?

    How many people will be in attendance? What's your budget?

    Momofuku Milk Bar's cakes are good but definitely on the sweeter side and they underestimate how many it ll feed. Get a smaller size than they recommend. They are also not standard flavors and some people don't like how they look.

    Most of the good bakeries don't deliver, you'd probably need to pick it up yourself.

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      @ 10 ppl. Under $100. Nothing to crazy. Maybe something a little different.

      1. re: Nassau4

        Momofuku Milk Bar would work for "something a little different."

    2. Make sure you check with restaurant that it is OK to bring in an outside cake and what the plating fee is.

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        Yes definitely plan to check with restaurant first. My husband likes almost all flavors.

      2. Try La Bergamote near the meatpacking district at
        177 9th Avenue