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Dec 19, 2012 05:31 PM

Ordering off the Kids Menu...

Sometimes, I just want some chicken tenders, fries and a drink for under $5.
Lots of great stuff on the kids menu...tater tots, mac and cheese, hot fudge sundaes, chicken tenders..smaller portions too.
I'll heavy tip when ordering a kids item.

Have any of you ordered off the kids menu..any issues?

Are there laws that state you cannot order from the kids menu if you are not a kid...if you act like one..does that count?

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  1. I do it all the time. I ask first if it's OK but I've never had a problem with it. I do have a big smile when I ask if it's OK, and generally I will order an "adult" drink to go with it. I just like the smaller portion sizes, and, if it's at a bar type place, the chicken tenders are usually one of the most reliable things to order. Also I'm sure to tip a bit more than I normally would (assuming the service was good).

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      I should say that I don't order off of it if I'm at a nicer sit down place. But anything with "bar & grill" in the name, or at large chains either sit down or fast food, I have no problems with it.

    2. Yep, especially at breakfast places! I don't need a giant stack of pancakes but a nice plate of silver dollar pancakes and a scrambled egg is just the right mount of food :)

      1. LOL, on the rare occasions we go to fast food places (hello, Papa Gino's), I order from the adult menu for my kid with the bottomless appetite and for me from the kids menu. Works great.

        1. Generally, I don't ever order from the kid's menu cuz none of the stuff really appeals to me.

          The only exception is ordering desserts from the kid's menu. I do it simply because I don't want a full-sized dessert.

          That said, one time I tried to order a kid's Sundae at Bob Evans and they charged me for a full priced Sundae ...

          1. I have not really tried ever since.. at the end of high school (a long time ago), at my graduation dinner, we went to a fancy restaurant. Well, in high school, I pretty much only ate chicken-fingers. So none of the fancy entrees appealed to me, and when the waitress got to me, I ordered the chicken fingers, and she said "No, you cannot order chicken fingers." And heavens, the first thing out of my mouth was--"But it's my graduation." (It was a knee-jerk reaction, normally I wouldn't talk-back to an 'adult.') She immediately stated that no one over 12 could order from the children's' menu. My parents flashed me a look, and I switched to shrimp, but I hardly ate any of it because sometimes you just want what you want. It really spoiled my dinner, but not my graduation because after-all it is only food (but I thought it was rude--especially given the occasion--even though I understand rules are rules).

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                There are rules of physics, biology, etc. Everything else is negotiable. It wouldn't have killed her to get you some chicken strips!