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Dec 19, 2012 05:20 PM

DineLA Returns January 2013

DineLA is returning for the new year January 21st-Feburary 1st 2013. List of restaurants is at this link. Long list:
May the drooling begin now

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  1. Thanks. The participants are excellent. Looking forward to seeing the menus.

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    1. re: maudies5

      A few menus are up (Blue PlateTaco & Oysterette this year) but most are coming soon.

    2. i was just reading the dine la list. any thoughts about the true bargains on this list? i just moved to los angeles a month ago and given the daunting size of the list, im finding it a tad bit overwhelming. i live downtown so i would sort of like to try something that isn't in my living quarters, if you will.

      1. Only ones that are interesting to me...

        Fig & Olive
        Maison Akira

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        1. re: ns1

          menus up for all of mine except Sotto.

          my god they look awesome.

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            sotto's menu is up now and i plan to go for lunch.

        2. Am I reading correctly that Fogo de Chao is only $25 for lunch? Heck might have to make the trek to Bev Hills for once.

          So far I'm interested in The Bazaar as well, not sure what else I may try.

          Any other good recommendations for lunch?

          1. I must say, I'm shocked at the lack of discussion on this topic. I was hoping to get some good info. Let me rephrase that, I was hoping to get a lot of good information.

            As for Bazaar...two friends of mine when during DineLA last year and they LOVED it but they ended up spending an additional $150 by the end of the night for additional dishes and of course, drinks. They felt it was money well spent.

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            1. re: bohemiana

              I went to Bazaar on DineLA a few years ago and had to do the same thing - the DineLA deal simply isn't enough food. We probably spent close to 200-250pp by the time the night was over.

              I got my rez for Picca, trying to make it to Fogo de Chao for lunch...ran out of money so more selections next time!

              1. re: bohemiana

                The DineLA event hasn't started yet; what were you expecting people to post?

                After a couple less-than-satsifactory DineLA experiences, I don't really find it particularly interesting. Admittedly, I went to places that weren't necessarily highly recommended (or weren't recommended at all), since I had a difficult time convincing my friends to go otherwise (we went to BLVD 16, Drago Ristorante, Le Saint Amour).

                The prices seemed good compared to the regular menu, but I sometimes wondered if they were offering an inferior "replacement" of a regular menu item (esp BLVD 16). The only place I enjoyed was Le Saint Amour, and that place has already closed down.

                I'd only go to places that I've eaten at previously and enjoyed or that are well-received on Chowhound (independent of DineLA pricing). The rest of the restaurants seem very "meh" to me....

                1. re: bohemiana

                  Sorry, no information here. I stopped going to DineLA events. I think the point of this whole thing is for people to try new restaurants that they couldn't otherwise, but whenever I went in the past, I rarely felt that their offerings were representative of the place. I would usually just go off the menu, so for me, there really wasn't any point in dealing with the DineLA crowds.

                  1. re: bohemiana

                    I also went to bazaar awhile back during dineLA. While I was impressed with the food initially, we ended up ordering a large number of items from their normal menu because portions were just too small.

                    A few other dineLA experiences were similar so I stopped going as often. i'd rather pay more for more food and less crowds. That's just me though.

                    1. re: bohemiana

                      bohemiana - I did Bazaar a few years ago (when they let you get more items) and I think it was and still is the best meal I have ever had. I added a couple of things but not too much. It worked for us.
                      This year, I have reservations at Lawry's (I need to have that delectable lobster tail again) and Red O.

                      1. re: WildSwede

                        The menu for Red O looks amazing. I've always wanted to go there. Are Hounds still giving the thumbs up to Red O?