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Dec 19, 2012 05:04 PM

Christmas Eve, what's on the menu?

Curious to hear what everyone is making for Christmas Eve. Traditionally we have some sort of a pasta (usually lobster raviolis), but might try something new this year.

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  1. Bbq ribs, homemade baked bean's, coleslaw, corn bread, roasted Brussel sprouts. Apple crisp w sweet cream ice cream.

    1. Apéritif :
      Good quality chips with some kind of simple marinated fish/seafood in small spoons.

      1st course: Foie gras and all the trimmings.

      2nd course: Classic roasted meat (not yet certain lamb or beef) with vegetables.

      3rd course: 1 cheese (will see what is available) with nuts/fruits

      4th course : small patisseries

      All that served with Champagne and good wines.


      1. We're taking a page from your book this year and doing pasta - two types. Fresh pappardelle with a lobster-tarragon pink sauce and dry torchio with a sausage and white bean sauce. I have a variety of cured meats and cheeses and will make some vegetable antipasti to comprise a first course. It will be my first time cooking lobsters so I'm pretty excited!

        1. Prime rib, crab cakes, grilled romaine salad, mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach.

          1. Christmas Eve is usually a very busy evening at my house...Last minute preparations for the big meal on Christmas Day, visiting and making merry etc. So the past few years it has been Shrimp Po-Boys... Causal, easy, simple, quick and sooooo delicious. ~~ Gonna pick up some big, fresh, head-on Gulf Shrimp tomorrow to butter-fly along with some fresh Leidenheimer Po-Boy bread ~~ I would imagine the Christmas candies will be trotted out too. ~~~ There will be Fresh Gulf Oysters for those who care to partake as well.

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              Wish I could come to your house, Uncle Bob! ;)

              1. re: ChefJune

                Me too!! ((((((((((((((((Chef June))))))))))))))))))))

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                  I'm beginning to think, uncle bob, that you are a cajun. Or at least on the gulf coast somewhere. I grew up on the coast and I can tell you we never had turkey and dressing for thanksgiving and never prime rib for christmas. Not that those things are bad, mind you. I enjoy them.

                  This year for christmas eve I decided to do fried shrimp. My mom said, "well you're going back to your roots." We always had cajun things for holidays. Etouffee, gumbo, rice dressing, oysters, shrimp, boudain, etc.

                  After moving around for a few decades I still find regional differences fascinating.

              2. re: Uncle Bob

                "fresh Leidenheimer Po-Boy bread"

                One of the things I miss most about home!