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Dec 19, 2012 04:18 PM

Davis / Sacramento

LA Hound heading up to Davis for a long weekend this weekend. Is there anything unique to these areas that I can't find in LA or Orange County that I shouldn't miss?

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  1. Not sure about food, but try a beer from Sudwerk brewery in Davis.
    They make one of the best Pilsners around.

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    1. re: Agrippa

      Thanks, that and The Davis Beer Shoppe are on my agenda.

    2. The Davis Farmers Market is year-round, Saturday mornings from 8am-1pm. Since you like beer, right across the street from the market is Burgers and Brew, which you might enjoy.

      While both have covered areas, the damp weather may make this a less enjoyable experience than normal. The weather forecast for the weekend is for lots of rain and wind...

      1. My appology for not reporting back sooner. On the trip referred to in this post, we went to both Hot Italian and Masullo in Sacramento and enjoyed them both.

        This past weekend, we made another trip and enjoyed Ficelle in Winters and Magpie Cafe in Sacramento but, didn't really enjoy Dim Sum at New Canton in Sacramento.

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        1. re: JAB

          Can you say more about Ficelle in Winters?

          1. re: Stephanie Wong

            It's an order at the counter small plates type of place. They have both indoor and outdoor seating. The Gambas al Ajillo are crave worthy. Other dishes such as polenta with asparagus and eggplant were good. The lamb wasn't very good and was the most expensive dish. The Sangria was good except for the headache that night.

            1. re: JAB

              Thanks! DH & I go through Winters infrequently, but it'll be nice to have an alternative to Putah Creek Cafe.