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Dec 19, 2012 03:44 PM

Marea Dress code

will I be over dressed her in a suit and tie?

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  1. Not at all. Most men will be wearing suit and tie at Marea.. The attire is a bit more relaxed on weekends.

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    1. re: peter j

      Thanks, I thought so, but just wanted to be sure.
      My second thought was a sport jacket , slacks, dress shirt without a tie.

    2. There is no dress code, but you won't be out of place in a suit & tie. Marea's pretty swank.

      1. Not at all. I went for an early dinner this week in khakis and a dress shirt and that was fine. I'd say a little more than half of the men had a tie and some sort of jacket. At that hour, most of the people presumably came straight from work.

        1. You will feel most comfortable in suit and tie. Jacket and tie would be okay too. You'll feel uncomfortable more casual than that.