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Dec 19, 2012 03:43 PM

Excellent gourmet cheese selection in Richmond, VA?

Will be in town for the Christmas weekend and would like to pick up some killer blue cheese and aged cheddar somewhere. Looking for diverse selections.

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  1. So sad to have to tell you that my favorite place for cheese - River City Cellars - closed this fall. But, J Emerson and Cafe Caturra (both at Libbie and Grove) have respectable selections. Located in that same area, I have heard that Libbie Market is good, too, but I haven't tried it them yet.

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      My husband just reminded me about Olio - they have a great cheese selection.

      1. Oilo is a good recommendation.

        Ellwood Thompson also has a solid cheese selection.

        1. While I am certainly no expert, would something like Whole Foods work? There is a Whole Foods in Short Pump.