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I have a half a med sized cabbage I need to use. What can I make besides cole slaw?

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  1. Bierocks. This recipe is close to what I make.


    For a quickie dinner, you can use frozen dough or even refrigerated rolls.
    The way I learned to serve them was with equal parts ketchup and yellow mustard mixed together.

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      Didn't know there were any other Bierocks fans round these parts.
      Here's one from Kansas:

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        Yep, learned that one in Michigan City Indiana, back in the 80s.

    2. Quarter it into wedges, drizzle with EVOO, roast until golden brown on the edges, garnish with sea salt. Enjoy with fork.

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        My favorite way to eat cabbage.

        Or thinly sliced and slowly sautéed with lots of shallots and garlic

        It's a shame I'm the only (willing) cabbage eater in the house

      2. I like it sautéed w/scallions, bacon, mushrooms, sauerkraut, a little vinegar, & optionally, diced apple.

        1. Halushki with egg noodles, bacon, onion.

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            Haluski, you will not be sorry. Google will return recipes.

          2. Cut it in half
            Rub it with butter and salt.
            Wrap it in good smoked bacon
            Seal in separate tin foil pouches.
            Toss pouches onto a 350 degree grill for about 45 minutes
            Serve and eat.

            1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od2YWg...
              Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

              various cultures cook cabbage (or kale) with potatoes - Irish, English, Catalan/Spanish. Italians even cook it in polenta. Then there are soups.

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                I still cannot get over the cooking with dog. Awesome video, really enjoy it.

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                  I tried this version of okonomiyaki for the second time. She sure makes it look easy. I made quite a mess, flipping the pancake and layering it on the noodles and egg, with toppings flying all over the place. But then I only had 10" skillets to work with, and I probably made each one too large.

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                    <But then I only had 10" skillets to work with>

                    That may have a lot to do with it. She had a mini griddle.

              2. Fried rice. :)

                Or Cabbage and Beef Shabu Shabu Salad:

                1. google worl'ds best braised cabbage

                  1. When I was a kid, had "old" people who lived nextdoor... couldn't have been TOO old since their daughter babysat us. Mrs. Bledsoe made FRIED cabbage. She'd start with some bacon... probably in a good old cast iron pan... I don't really remember. Bacon pulled when crispy and crumbled and set aside. Then loads of chunked up cabbage and onions. Almost a stir fry till cabbage was tender. Big splash of vinegar (probably cider) and crumbled bacon on top.

                      1. Wow! Thanks to everyone with your helpful and great ideas. Really appreciate!!!

                        1. I recommend looking up the diet soup recipe on Google. I made a bunch of it but DH and DS gobbled most of it up so I didn't have so much to have forward. On the other hand, it's very nearly fat free and very, very healthy, and will fill you up when you need something to fill your stomach so it doesn't call out to you. It's nutritious, and if you don't go eating it exclusively it's going to be very good for you.

                          1. One of my favorite comfort food dishes is kraut pletzlach - sauteed shredded cabbage and onions, tossed with egg or bow tie noodles.

                            Also, health salad is a great way to use up cabbage. Similar to cole slaw, but lighter because it doesn't use mayo. I like the 2nd Avenue Deli recipe.

                              1. Joe Carcione Special: shredded cabbage, sliced yellow onion and garlic, all lightly sauteed and topped with marinara. Couldn't be easier, and comes together in about 15 minutes.