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Dec 19, 2012 03:00 PM

Hi - staying at the Philadelphia Westin (city center west) Dec 27-29

Hi gang - if you have a two night, three day mini-break in Phillie, what are the best, fun, dining options?


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  1. reading terminal market- specifically metropolitan bakery, the penn dutch lunch counter, millers twist, for regular hot pretzels

    1. Amada is fun.
      A stroll through the Italian Market, eating a bit here and there.

      1. Second the Reading Terminal Market (you must go...but hit the PA Dutch counter (Dutch Eating Place) for breakfast, also great ice cream at Bassett's, cannoli at Termini's, chocolates at Mueller's) and the Amada rec is another good one. Parc is a good French Bistro right down the street from the Westin and if you want really great food go to Zahav in Old City. Also LaCroix on Rittenhouse Square is excellent if you want something really fancy. Also, Brown Betty is a few steps off the lobby of the Westin at Liberty Place. they have great chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.

        1. Try Federal Donuts on Sansom St for breakfast or a snack. The mentioned places for dinner are all good... there are more than a handful of good restaurants so check check out these lists for other ideas:

          1. River, without knowing your interests in food and fun it is a very general question and not easy to provide a comprehensive answer. If you are not all Christmas-ed out the Comcast Center Holiday Show is excellent as is the Macy's light show. Our museums on the Parkway are world-class and a must see for any art lover. With the Mutter, Franklin and Natural History also providing visits of great interest. Of course there are all the historical venues, which are most wonderful. So many suggestions here for food and many links, some already provided by hounds should give you direction for your dining pleasure. Best wishes for a nice break in Philly.