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Delicious lunch in Harvard Square?

I am taking an elderly friend of mine out for lunch in Harvard Square, she lives near by, so walking is preferred but not essential.

She lives on a very limited income and I would like her to be able to taste delicious food. Doesn't have to be fancy,but does have to be delicious. Ideas? Thanks!


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  1. Bartley's has good though not "gourmet" burgers.
    There is reasonable pizza at Otto's and Cambridge 1.
    I like Tamarind Bay though the lunches are not their strongest suit.

    1. Harvest would be great. Also Upstairs or Henrietta's are great options.

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        I'm assuming you are treating. Of not, my suggestions not great got limited income, but she would enjoy them.

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          I LOVE lunch at Henrietta's...The monkfish (or catfish?) sandwich is one of my favorite meals....

        2. I have not been to the Harvard Square spot but Orinoco could be delicious and relatively inexpensive.
          To some of the other suggestions: last time I ate at Bartley's they didn't have a restroom, and forgetting for a moment the need for a restroom Otto doesn't actually have any seating save the 2 tables outside on the sidewalk, so neither would work, I think, for a lunch with an elderly friend.
          It wasn't mind-blowing by any stretch but I spent I think $15 on lunch at Grafton Street a few weeks ago.

          1. The sandwiches at Crema Cafe are delicious and inexpensive. That might be a good option.

            1. Orinoco would be a good pick in terms of price to tasty. Russell House would also be a good pick; most of their lunch stuff appears to be sub $15.

              1. might not work for her, but Casablanca is open until the end of the year. I haven't been in at peak lunch hours recently, but at a bit off peak, can be quiet in the bar seating. You can see if the menu would appeal to her tastes. They are closing sometime...soon? I personally love the meze plate to share.

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                  FWIW, Casablanca was not open for lunch yesterday, despite the sandwich board outside that said it was.

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                    very interesting. I wonder if the news on the web site needs updating.

                2. My default lunch in Harvard Square these days is Chutney's, in the Garage. They have a bunch of different vegetable, chicken and lamb curries, for between $6-8. You can get them on rice or in a wrap.
                  I always do rice, and ask for the veggie sprinkle-ons in a separate container, which makes a delightful chopped salad. In the past, I've gone with the saag panir, and am happy, but have heard good things about the lamb as well.

                  The ambience is definitely formica and bright lights, however.

                  I am also very, very happy with the cafeteria at the Harvard Ed School. They have a wonderful salad bar, stirfries, and daily hot options which range from okay to excellent. You need some kind of picture ID to get in however. I'm not sure if it needs to be a school one. The setting is much more elegant than the garage. There's a section that's kind of an enclosed patio, with fireplace. In warmer weather, there's a nice space to sit outside.

                  1. My Mother in law loves to go to Henrietta's Table when she visits because of the classic menu.

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                      I think Henrietta's Table is a great idea. I love the food; I wish they would improve the wine list.

                      1. Upstairs in the Square is lovely this time of year. That may be an option..