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Dec 19, 2012 02:54 PM

Delicious lunch in Harvard Square?

I am taking an elderly friend of mine out for lunch in Harvard Square, she lives near by, so walking is preferred but not essential.

She lives on a very limited income and I would like her to be able to taste delicious food. Doesn't have to be fancy,but does have to be delicious. Ideas? Thanks!


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  1. Bartley's has good though not "gourmet" burgers.
    There is reasonable pizza at Otto's and Cambridge 1.
    I like Tamarind Bay though the lunches are not their strongest suit.

    1. Harvest would be great. Also Upstairs or Henrietta's are great options.

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        I'm assuming you are treating. Of not, my suggestions not great got limited income, but she would enjoy them.

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          I LOVE lunch at Henrietta's...The monkfish (or catfish?) sandwich is one of my favorite meals....

        2. I have not been to the Harvard Square spot but Orinoco could be delicious and relatively inexpensive.
          To some of the other suggestions: last time I ate at Bartley's they didn't have a restroom, and forgetting for a moment the need for a restroom Otto doesn't actually have any seating save the 2 tables outside on the sidewalk, so neither would work, I think, for a lunch with an elderly friend.
          It wasn't mind-blowing by any stretch but I spent I think $15 on lunch at Grafton Street a few weeks ago.

          1. The sandwiches at Crema Cafe are delicious and inexpensive. That might be a good option.

            1. Orinoco would be a good pick in terms of price to tasty. Russell House would also be a good pick; most of their lunch stuff appears to be sub $15.