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Kosher Brunch

Can you recommend a kosher restaurant for Sunday brunch not too far from 42nd and 12th?

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  1. There's nothing very close to there, really, is there? Please define "not too far." And you might want to post this query (though with a bit more specificity) at the kosher board.

    1. Le Marais has brunch- located on 46th between 6th and 7th. It's meat FYI

      1. Prime Grill pop up restaurant in the Bentley hotel has brunch -

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          However the OP defines 'not too far,' I'd think that the Bentley, at 62nd and York, would meet that definition!

        2. I second the vote for Le Marais- the food is excellent and the price is reasonable ($22 for a basket of pastries, a salad and a generous main course)

          1. Both execellent suggestions - but, wouldn't you know it - when I suggested them two of the party said they want dairy. Any ideas for that?

            1. maybe My Most Favorite on 72nd and Broadway (if you're looking for dairy)

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                I've passed that place a bunch of times but have yet to patronize it. What dishes do you like best there, and how good is it, overall?

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                  Pretty good; it's not fantastic, but good. For brunch, I'm a big fan of the Provencal Omelet.

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                    I usually get a pastry or something and a coffee, but I have gotten the challah french toast (inner child coming out!) and I'm always very happy - my husband gets the omelet with the munster cheese and - spinach maybe? mushrooms?
                    Truth be told - we're very easy to please, but I always have a good time there

                2. I think Noi Due has a dairy brunch

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                    I would avoid NoiDue for brunch on Sundays- it's typically ridiculously crowded and they don't take reservations.