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Dec 19, 2012 01:15 PM

Braising a boneless leg of lamb

I have an incredibly small oven. I really want to serve braised leg of lamb this year for Christmas, but would also like to serve potato gratin.

Unfortunately they won't both fit in the oven. Because the lamb is braised can it rest in the dutch oven for an hour while the potatoes cook?

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  1. If it is braised, I would simply put it on the stove on a low flame. You will probably finish the sauce on the stovetop anyway?
    Potato gratin takes 30-40 minutes in my house.

    1. If you precook your potatoes on the stovetop à la Cook's Illustrated, they only need 15 minutes or so in the oven. Your lamb could definitely rest that long.

      1. Braised lamb is very forgiving. Leave it on the hob with a low light and it'll be fine while the gratin cooks in the oven.

        1. Thanks to all, feel much more confident about pulling this off. Thanks again and everyone enjoy your holidays.

          1. Brown and braise the lamb the day before. Pull the lamb and refrigerate apart from the braising liquid. The following day, pull the fat from the reserved liquid, slice the chilled lamb (which will slice nicely since it is cold) thicken the sauce,correct the seasoning, and pour over the sliced meat in a sauce pan and save till needed. Slowly warm on the stove top while the oven perfects the potatoes. Enjoy!

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              Braised foods are always better the second day, so I think this is the best plan.

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                Oh yeah! BTW what veg would you serve with the lamb?

                1. re: Puffin3

                  I like green beans best with lamb, roasted is my current fave.