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Dec 19, 2012 12:59 PM

What do Chowhounds do for a Living? (Part 2)

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    1. re: jpr54_1

      ah!, see you found it.

      A fellow hound found the link to the new thread I was trying to find earlier and confirmed I wasn't going crazy

    2. Full time student and parent!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Hmm, I couldn't get the first one to load, so I'll do the numbered survey linked by HillJ:
          2)2.5 years-ish
          3)Formerly in game operations for an NHL team, now I paint people's sneakers on a word of mouth type system. But in the end, I'm a housewife.
          4)50% Czech, 25% French, 25% Native American. I turned out blonde for the curious :p From Pennsylvania originally.
          5)SE Asian cuisine brings out my inner food nerd. Love it, want to make it, want to eat it!!!
          6)Fun fact: That construction paper dalmatian in the pic depicts my real dog. She's a rescue that was found on an interstate, and sits quietly to the side while I cook.

          Oh, I forgot current city! That would be Ft. Worth, TX.

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          1. re: alliegator

            <Formerly in game operations >

            Just for a moment I was very excited because I was thinking about video game...

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              No, not video games. The most exciting thing there was about that job was weeding out the "friends" that mistook me for Ticketmater ;)

          2. Black Helicopter pilot ~~ Most everything else is classified right now.

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            1. re: Uncle Bob

              Please be more specific: Do you pilot black helicopters, or are you black and a helicopter pilot? Or did you mean Blackhawk? NonnieMuss (a white secretary) is confused.

              1. re: NonnieMuss

                LOL ~~Sorry for the confusion. I pilot black helicopters with no markings or insignia. ~ Am not black.~ Husband to one wife.~ Daddy to three children...two boys, and one simply 'gawgeous' red-headed daughter!

              2. re: Uncle Bob

                I knew you were always so cool and I know why!