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Dec 19, 2012 12:55 PM

Sugarless, Flourless, Fat-Free Desserts?

I am on a diet that does not allow me to have sugar, fat, flour (baking soda, corn starch, etc.) I am allowed a minimal amount of fruit, unlimited vegetables, and high protein content. Do you have any ideas for desserts that you have tried or would reccomend? The only thing currently I have found were desserts involving sugar-free jello. All comments are welcome! Thank you!

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  1. I just posted this link in another thread but I think you might find it helpful too. Many of them are flourless in addition to being sugar free.

    1. It's not a dessert, exactly, but you could make a cup of hot sugar-free cocoa with 2% milk. The important things are to use two different sweeteners (for example, one Splenda and one Stevia, or one Splenda and one Sweet n' Low) and some good, genuine vanilla extract.

      You can also use things like Torani sugar-free syrups or other extracts to change the flavoring (almond extract, peppermint extract, or my personal favorite, Torani sugarfree coconut). If alcohol / alcohol sugars are allowed, your options expand even further, with a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, or any others you might like.

      MUCH better than anything from a pouch, I promise!

        1. Meringues made with a sugar substitute.

          Fat free Greek yogurt or ricotta with sugar substitute and cinnamon (you can also mix in some canned pumpkin).

          1. you can also make a faux crepe using egg white mixed with a dash of unsweetened almond milk or not... spread thinly in pan, flip and brown. fill with some fat free ricotta or cottage cheese (minimal sugars if that's tolerable) mixed with cinnamon, vanilla and truvia or other preferred sweetener. or make a lemon glaze out of lemon juice and sweetener.