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Sugarless, Flourless, Fat-Free Desserts?

I am on a diet that does not allow me to have sugar, fat, flour (baking soda, corn starch, etc.) I am allowed a minimal amount of fruit, unlimited vegetables, and high protein content. Do you have any ideas for desserts that you have tried or would reccomend? The only thing currently I have found were desserts involving sugar-free jello. All comments are welcome! Thank you!

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  1. I just posted this link in another thread but I think you might find it helpful too. http://www.kalynskitchen.com/2012/12/... Many of them are flourless in addition to being sugar free.

    1. It's not a dessert, exactly, but you could make a cup of hot sugar-free cocoa with 2% milk. The important things are to use two different sweeteners (for example, one Splenda and one Stevia, or one Splenda and one Sweet n' Low) and some good, genuine vanilla extract.

      You can also use things like Torani sugar-free syrups or other extracts to change the flavoring (almond extract, peppermint extract, or my personal favorite, Torani sugarfree coconut). If alcohol / alcohol sugars are allowed, your options expand even further, with a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, or any others you might like.

      MUCH better than anything from a pouch, I promise!

        1. Meringues made with a sugar substitute.

          Fat free Greek yogurt or ricotta with sugar substitute and cinnamon (you can also mix in some canned pumpkin).

          1. you can also make a faux crepe using egg white mixed with a dash of unsweetened almond milk or not... spread thinly in pan, flip and brown. fill with some fat free ricotta or cottage cheese (minimal sugars if that's tolerable) mixed with cinnamon, vanilla and truvia or other preferred sweetener. or make a lemon glaze out of lemon juice and sweetener.

            1. look on the web for "raw vegan" desserts. none will have flour, many will have protein because of the nuts. look through them - there will be lots of recipes! something fast, easy and high protein would be a chia pudding. check it out!

              1. Are you allowed to have eggs (which have some fat in them)? How about coconut flour? If so, there are lots of desserts out there using alternative flours, sugar substitutes, and eggs to hold it all together.

                1 tablespoon coconut flour
                2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
                1 egg
                1-2 tablespoons baking Truvia (or equivalent), or more to taste, if you want it to taste sweet, then I'd definitely do 2

                Mix well. Spray mug or ramekin with cooking spray. Microwave for 1 minute or longer in a ramekin or mug, until cooked through. You could also make some sugar free cream cheese frosting to go with this, or add some pumpkin puree to the batter to make it richer (you'd just need to microwave it longer). Some people also sub out coconut flour for flaxseed instead.

                1. Baked apple with greek yogurt and walnuts (sprinkle cinnamon on the cored apple.) I've also baked plums (cut them in half and take the pit out.)

                  1. how about a banana "ice cream"? a friend turned me onto this. haven't tried it yet since banana's aren't quite ripe.


                    the recipes all seem to have some kind of sugar fat additive but suppose you can try it with plain banana and some kind of nut butter.

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                      or use almond or soy milk... it'll be thinner but...

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                        Plain bananas are loaded with sugar, that's why they taste so sweet! :-) No sugar added doesn't make a recipe "sugar free."

                        Fruit gets most of its calories from sugar, and that sugar has risks similar to others.

                        Sorbet gets virtually all its calories from sugar, dairy ice cream is never sugar free due to its lactose content.

                        They're not sources you necessarily think of as sugars, but they are, and have to be accounted for just like sugar in cube or a sugar bowl.

                        "No sugar added" is the term used on packaged goods for this reason.

                      2. 1) Is there a commercial sugar-free fruit sorbet? 2) You could certainly make one. 3) Meringues made with artificial sweetener. 4) Since you've found the sugar-free jello, see what you could do to vary it. Whipping it when it's partly set will give you a foam, and/or you could put fruit in it. 5) There are Hasty Pudding recipes that use cornmeal---maybe you could adjust one to fit your needs.

                        1. I've been wrestling with this as I've provided desserts for a group of individuals who are not able to eat sugar. I provided fresh pineapple and cheese last week. I've been thinking of sweetening cream cheese and rolling into balls, then coating with nuts. Trouble is, everyone has his/her own pet sweetener. I use Splenda very sparingly, and that's what I have in the house. But one person likes a special form of Stevia.

                          For myself, I don't make dessert too much. But a handful of roasted almonds does feel like dessert after supper.

                          1. How about a fat free panna cotta? I've used lower fat products in the past with a lot of success, I don't see why fat free wouldn't work. Vanilla and chai tea could make nice flavorings with out adding sugar.

                            1. Thank you everyone! This has all been so helpful.

                              1. I can't take credit for this recipe because it was posted by a wiser person on these boards some time ago--coconut bark. It's fabulous, and you can reduce the coconut oil by dry-toasting the nuts, if the ingredients are okay for you.


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                                    I love that recipe, though I omit the almond extract because I don't like it. Macadamias are a pretty awesome addition, as is cinnamon.