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Dec 19, 2012 12:54 PM

Gu's Bistro or Tasty China II?

I'll be in Atlanta for a few nights and one night I'd like to get some good Sichuan. Where should I go? What is the current opinion?

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  1. im a big fan of Gu's family operatred, Father is Chef,mother and daughter Yvonne, work there--food is excelent and if you have specila request they do it easily many chinese folks eat there when im there.This time of year they can get large groups so call yvonne and see if need a res. Either way let us know what you think. BTW Gu's has private small sections too for seating if you want

    1. I've eaten at both numerous times and currently Gu's is my preferred restaurant. Tasty China and Peter Chang's (Tasty China II) are both excellent but to me Gu's has a better sense of flavoring, better moderation of the heat so that it doesn't impact flavor, and no MSG.

      1. Would love to hear some other opinions on this. Planning a road trip to Atlanta this week for Szechuan [anyone want to eat with us?] and had planned on Chang's ... but maybe Gu's is the place?

        1. I find the dishes at Tasty China to be spicier than Gus, but also much oilier, so I've come to prefer Gu's.

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