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Dec 19, 2012 12:34 PM

Please help with recs. for dinner somewhere in between Orlando Airport and Winter Haven (Legoland)

We are getting into Orlando this Friday night from the west coast. The plan is to hop in the car, get some dinner on the way to Legoland and then crash at our hotel. It looks like we can either take 528 or 417 to get to route 4 and then we switch to rte. 27/25.We are 2 adults and a 6 year old. Any type of food is ok other then (very) fine dining. No "kid" restaurants with crap food and play areas. A place with non-spicy and some sort of vegetarian or fish options is ideal. There seem to be a few decent sounding sushi places,
sushi en
mikado sushi
sushi tomi
Also Padrino's looked appealing.
Restaurants @ Airport Hyatt
I guess most of these places seem to be along the 417 route. Don't know which route is better or if they are more or less the same. (btw. 528 and 417)
We don't want to go very far off the route as we will all be exhausted, so I suppose this rules out tiny places that take forever as well.
Thanks in advance for any guidance/suggestions.

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  1. you're not gonna find a whole lot off 417, so I would take 528 to I-4.

    I would look into Pio Pio off Kirkman.
    Cricketer's on Sand Lake Rd.
    Nagoya on Sand Lake as well.

    All of these places are about 1 mile in the opposite direction (I-4), but unless you want to eat in Disney or a chain, you're not gonna find a whole lot heading west on I-4.

    1. Mikado Sushi is my pick. Everything I've ever had there has been amazing.

      1. Guess this comes too late for you this trip but for future reference, we just got over to Smokin' Jim's, and it was the real deal. Hitting BBQ up and down the east coast and does this place have incredible smoked meat! Ask for a sampler plate (free?!) if you are having trouble deciding. We liked everything but settled on the beef brisket and pulled pork. Super meal. Friendly service and homey atmosphere as well.