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Dec 19, 2012 10:36 AM

Are meringues diabetic friendly?

Thinking of treats I can take on Christmas day to my In Law's home. My FIL and SIL are both diabetic. there's a recipe for meringue cookies on - it seems like a good option, but wanted opinions, since I have very little experience with diabetics (they were recently diagnosed and as far as I can tell have not changed their diets much



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  1. Yes, if you make them with a non nutritive sweetener, they are very diabetic friendly. I'd substitute xylitol mixed with erythritol, maybe, for 20% the impact/calories/carbs of sugar.

    Other easy and excellent diabetic desserts are cheesecake made with liquid sucralose ( has it), and flourless chocolate cake with or without almond flour crust. There's a super easy peanut butter cookie recipe on the web, too.

    I use full fat versions to keep my bg in tight control.

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      thanks! I've tried any number of desserts, trying to find one they'll like that won't set them off course. :)

    2. I think the challenge with meringues is that they have two ingredients, sugar and egg white (I don't count the cream of tartar), so I'd be hesitant to substitute in such a simple dish. Let us know if you try it, I am curious how it will turn out. I'd plan a back up :)

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        Xylitol is the one sweetener (40% less carbs/calories than sugar) that bulks, moisturizes and acts just like sugar in baked goods. There are a lot of sugar free meringue cookies in stores and quite a few well reviewed sugar free meringue recipes online.

      2. I cook a ton of stuff off skinnytaste, including her plain chocolate chip meringues. I would suggest maybe emailing her and asking her if subbing out sweetener would work OK, she's usually very helpful when folks have questions. She actually comes up with and tests her recipes too, so maybe she's even tried it with a non-sugar sweetener.

        Also, I would suggest checking out She caters to the South Beach/low carb fans and because of that, a lot of her recipes are very low in sugar. She actually just posted this "recipe roundup" of low/no sugar cookies yesterday:

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          I love Gina's site and recipes, and you're right she is always very responsive to questions. I read through the comments below the recipe and a couple posters said they used splenda and it worked fine.

          thanks for the link to kalyns kitchen! :)