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Dec 19, 2012 09:23 AM

Recommendations on appliance brands for new home

I'm building a house and am starting to do research on appliances. Would like some advice on brands to consider by appliance. Budget is not a real issue, just want to know some of the top brands to consider. Specifics on some of the appliances are: Gas cooktop with griddle/grill (no oven underneath), double wall oven, frig only and freezer only units, warming drawer, microwave, dishwasher. Looking for the professional quality stainless stuff.

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  1. I would read Gardenweb appliance forum and this forum in depth to get familiar with all the brands. "top" means different things to different people.
    For me-
    Wolf sealed burner rangetop with a removable griddle. We grill outside so can't speak to that. I am getting a royal aluminum griddle to try out. It is light weight and is much more even heating than the steel ones. My only concern wil be if it is thick enough. The simmer/warm is very low and plenty of heat for what I need, but there is a huge amount of discussion about the "best" burner.

    I would go with two single ovens rather than a double oven. Wolf or Electrolux of you want to save a few dollars and have great performance. I have the Wolf in a range and Elux wall oven.

    Frig-- Subzero

    I wouldn't buy a warming drawer, too much of a one trick pony.

    We just have our MW on a shelf next to the frig. I don't cook with it and it is handy for reheats and away from where I am cooking. GE spacemaker

    dishwasher I have a Bosch and it has been great but the racks are subject to breakage so my next will most likely be a Miele.

    You also need a hood. I hate my Broan Best as it is a squeaky mess and their service guy came out and stuck some styrofoam here and there which did nothing.

    Don Silvers has a great book--Kitchen Design with Cooking in Mind. It has some really different ideas we incorporated in our kitchen.

    1. We went through this about a year ago and I guess I wasn't looking for "Top" brands, but the biggest bang for the buck regardless of price.

      We've had Kitchen Aid dish washers for years and found them to be extremely quiet and reliable, so after reading complaints about Bosh and Miele, decided to just stick with KA.

      For the fridge only, we found Electrolux Icon to be a very good deal and something that would easily fit our needs. We have custom cabinets, and had them made so that other regridgerators would fit into the space if buyers in the future wanted a different arrangement. They have a matching freezer.

      Thermador has a good looking range top with the star shaped burners that can accomodate a griddle/grill as does Jen Air and Kitchen Aid, ended up getting 6 burners as we thought that was better for us.

      There are a lot of good double wall ovens, I don't see much difference as long as the features you want are there. We went with a single and a microwave/convection "speed oven" this eliminated a seperate microwave. Worked out very well this Thanksgiving. Just food for thought. GE Monogram is a leader with this technology but all the major brands have one.

      One area we spent a lot of time researching was the vent hood and good suction and quiet were the keys we were looking for. Decided on a Vent-A-Hood brand, very happy with it. They have a lot of styles and capacities to choose from.

      One general comment, although I don't use Consummer Reports as the final decision maker, I do look at their repair histories for appliance brands and in many cases, the "top" brands such as Viking, Subzero, etc. do not have very good repair statistics, so I didn't intentionally avoid those brands, but I did take that into account when looking at the cost vs performance equation. In other words I wasn't going to pay $4k for poor reliability when 2K would get me a better product.

      Hope this helps,

      1. Just gutted our 1940's kitchen two years ago.

        We got the Sub Zero/Wolf package (double oven, fridge, and six burner range top). JenAire and Thermador had some great packages and quality at the time....Sub Zero edged them out.
        Vent- A-Hood (high CFM) with warming lights: works like a charm to contain odors
        Uline dual control wine fridge
        Bosch dishwasher: Quietly gets the job done

        I love the built in counter depth more hidden food.
        Panel front on the fridge, dishwasher, and frame on the wine fridge. Less expensive than stainless and much easier to keep clean.

        Roll out shelves on our lower cabinets are heavenly. Shallow depth drawers to help with organization.

        Gardenweb was my go to spot for info. Good luck and have fun.

        Forgot to add: Put a plug in the pantry for the like a charm.