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Dec 19, 2012 09:18 AM

Italian-style Hot Table in the GTA

I love hot tables, especially the ones found in Italian bakeries. Since I will be speeding all over the GTA in the next few days, and lingering over long lunches won’t be an option, I am hoping to visit a few places where a sausage on a bun, with a side of pasta is a comforting option. So, simple question...Where is your favorite Italian-style hot table in the GTA, and why?

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  1. Hands down it is the San Remo bakery hot table - located in Etobicoke a few blocks S of The Queensway on the W side of Royal York Road. Great lasagne (Fridays only), grinders, chicken and veal cutlets, salads, porchetta, salads, veggies and potatoes, served by charming ladies for whom nothing is too much trouble. Check out their bakery, too - wonderful "pudding cakes" and Toronto's best apple fritters, the latter usually sold out by 10/11 am.

      1. Jolie's in the Crossroads Plaza, Weston Road and 401 (lunch only).

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          I know you asked for italian, but I ran into a nice looking portuguese hot table in a grocery store today. If you are in the dundas and ossington/dufferin area, have a peek! I didn't try anything but everything looked delicious and there were a lot of people getting food.

          M & M Fruit & Grocery

          1263 Dundas St W