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Dec 19, 2012 09:03 AM

The Vault- Yardley PA

Made it to the Vault in Yardley, PA last night. Sampled four beers: Belgium Blonde Ale, Dunkelweisse, American Stout on cask and Coffee Stout on cask. Given the wonderful beers I have had from other local microbreweries I was somewhat disappointed with the beers. There were detectable flaws in the malt, that reminded me of some homebrews. The Dunkelweisse was lacking in flavor, the coffee stout tasted like cold coffee from a Wawa. I thought the American stout was good, and the Belgium blonde ale was very nice.

Foodwise the menu is limited but worth sampling. Similar to Tired Hands, the menu is more a small plate chacuterie pizza offering rather than a full menu. I had a "fold" their version of a wrap that is served warm. The sandwich was made with a house made whole wheat flat bread, with imported salami, brie and a fig spread. The fig overwhelmed the brie but overall the combination was a success. The sandwich was served with greens with a balsamic dressing. They use wooden disposable cutlery there and there are no plates, simply cutting boards with brown paper on them. I think this place overall will grow. It certainly is becoming a destination for a night out in Yardley as they have jazz music Thursday Friday and Saturday.

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  1. I recently went to Vault for the second time. Not really a beer drinker so I won't comment on their beer. In terms of food, we have tried:

    Hot Abruzzese Sausage and French Feta--
    Quite tasty. Nothing to complain about, but nothing particularly special either.

    Stuffed Mushrooms--Also pretty good. The spinach/artichoke/ricotta stuffing was delicious, but the mushrooms themselves needed a little salt.

    Salami and Brie Fold--Same impression as cwdonald with regard to the fig spread being the predominant flavor, which made it a bit too sweet for my taste. But not bad overall.

    We've tried their Margherita, Prosciutto and Fig, and Brown Sugar Buffalo pizzas. The Prosciutto and Fig was delicious. I was skeptical about the Brown Sugar Buffalo combination, but that turned out to be surprisingly tasty. The Margherita was okay--nothing wrong with it per se, but no match for places like Nomad, for example.

    Overall, the place is definitely worth trying and I will certainly go back. It's worth noting that the decor is visually interesting and way more stylish than anything else in this area, and the staff are super nice.

    They only had live jazz during my first visit. It's a nice idea, but the band (really just a string bass and a keyboard) mostly played stuff firmly in the adult comtemporary/hotel lobby spectrum, which was incongruous with the atmosphere of the place. I'm hoping some of the other bands they select will have a different sound--more blues or Brubeck and less Kenny G.