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Dec 19, 2012 08:31 AM

[London, SW3] Maroush 2

I’m a greedy person. It’s why I’m a short , fat, middle aged man, instead of just being a short, middle aged man. I’m rarely defeated by plates of food. Rarely - but occasionally I meet my match. We’d originally thought we’d have lunch at the Victoria & Albert Museum, where we’d spent the morning, but the cafe was like a rugby scrum. So, we wandered down the road to Maroush.

We both opted for the “lunchbox special” – six mezze starters, followed by a main course. Now, I’m happy to admit that the generosity of the starter plate put in front of each of us meant that one would have easily done us. Indeed, with a little more bread , it would have done us as a main course as well.

There was a decent houmous and a very decent moutabal – the latter silky and smoky as you’d always hope it was going to be, but rarely is. There was a fab tabbouleh – loads of parsley and bang-on for seasoning with a generous use of lemon. There were a couple of stuffed vine leaves , a couple of fatayer – one spinach, one lamb, both lovely. And a ball of something we couldn’t place, in a crisp crumb, but just tasted nicely savoury. These came with a couple of pittas. And, no , neither of us could finish our plates.

And then the meat arrived. You’re offered a choice of mixed kebab, mixed sharwama or the dish of the day. The latter was okra – something neither of us is ever in a rush to order. Both the kebab and sharwama come, unsurprisingly, in generous portions of both lamb and chicken. Good tasty meat, nicely cooked with a good char. And still more bread. And a fairly pokey chilli sauce. And a dollop of toum, which would have benefitted from more garlic.

Definitely a better lunch than the planned for cheese butty at the V&A.

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  1. You mean the maroush on beauchamp place? That one is pretty much at the top of the Lebanese game at the moment Imho.

    Slightly closer to the VA is Beirut express, right next to Christies, and also part of the maroush chain.

    I know you disliked the service, but the quality at ishbilya has gone waaaaay downhill.

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    1. re: howler

      Yep, the one on Beauchamp. I've eaten at some of the other Maroush places on Edgeware Road and usually love 'em. The lunchbox deal was fantastic value for eighteen quid - as I say, all good stuff and loads of it.

      Then we rounded off the afternoon with a wander round Harrods food hall. Never been in at Xmas time before - absolutely fecking amazing - we could have easily spent a small fortune in there. Contented ourselves with some chocolate truffles.

    2. I love Maroush, anywhere. One of its casual offshoot - Beirut Express on Edgware Road - is pretty fab, too.

      Wished you'd been here a month earlier, Harters - you could have caught up with us on our Chowmeet.

      1. Great. I've wanted to go to one of the Maroush places for a while, but the last I'd heard wasn't very encouraging. The menu has some very nice sounding vegetarian main courses - okra and green bean stews. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do like good vegetable based cuisine.

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        1. re: Lord Brazing

          There's one that's quite elegant - table cloths, head waiter in suit - that sort of thing. Not sure what the branch name is but, if you go up Edgware Rd from Marble Arch, it's on the corner of a road going off to the right (first or second right ?) Address may not be Edgware Road, therefore.