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Dec 19, 2012 08:23 AM

Gingerbread cut out cookie recipe

OK, so I'm going to do my cut outs today and realized I can't find my recipe and my mom is at work so I can't call her to get it. Does anybody have one that they like?

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    This is a wonderful recipe from Sweet Paul. It says to refridgerate overnight, but I find that my dough is good to roll within 2 hours.

    1. This is the one I swear by, it's the one Disneyland has used from the beginning. Its a real crowd pleaser.

      I used the Brer Rabbit full flavored molasses this year instead of Grandmas and they're the best they've ever been. (Its something ridiculously cheap like $2.27 at Target this week and there is a coupon for 75 cents off each here: Target will accept up to 4 coupons, one for each item, in one transaction if you're like me and need to make A LOT of cookies this helps!


      I've been using that cute vintage gingerbread man cutter I posted in the WFD thread and a vintage 40s Minnie Mouse cutter (just to try it, seemed appropriate!) and they turn out best if I put them in the freeze for 10 or 15 minutes before baking instead of the frige like it says. The one pan I rushed and didn't let chill well spread and he got pudgy... he might become a snowman on those... anyhow, how crucial that is probably depends on the detail of your cutters.

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        Thanks, I ended up using this Disney one, it looks very similar to the one I grew up using, ingredient wise anyway. The dough is in the fridge.

        I was actually a little less than half a cup short on molasses, but I went with it anyway. The dough tasted good enough to me though, and seemed to be a good enough consistency. We'll find out for sure but I think it'll be fine. The weather is really nasty outside so I'm not about to take a drive just to pick up molasses :)

        Good tip on the molasses though. I need to buy more tomorrow since I was planning on using some to make some mustard molasses pork chops tomorrow night. My regular grocery store will double up to a dollar too. I'll print both of those since sometimes my store doesn't have certain brands, but I know they have Grandma's.