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Dec 19, 2012 07:12 AM

Question about freezing cookies

So I ended up with a snow day from work today, and it really would be the perfect day to spend baking all my holiday cookies. The thing is, I don't need the cookies until Monday, so if I bake today, they might be a little stale by then. My original plan was to get all the doughs ready throughout the week and then bake on the weekend.

So, my question is, I know you can freeze cookies, but will it make the consistency less good if I bake them today then freeze? Should I just wait to bake them on the weekend as originally planned? I'm planning on making gingerbread cutouts, peanut blossoms, and chocolate crinkles. The cutouts would be especially nice to have ready ahead of time to decorate this weekend since rolling and cutting is so time consuming.

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  1. I'd make the dough now, start with your ginger cutouts, because that dough will need to chill before you roll it anyway. The other two will be fine in the fridge for a few days until you want to bake them. The cutouts will be fine if you bake them today. I wouldn't bother freezing them, (but I have a nice cold garage where I just leave mine in ziploc bags.) I think they'd be fine in airtight storage once they are cooled.

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      OK thanks! I also have a good cold garage so that sounds like a good plan.

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        I always make my cookies at least a week ahead, because I have to ship them all over the country. They don't get a matter of fact, my husband and I usually finish off the last ones around New Years. I do keep them out in the cold garage most of the time they're around though, but I wouldn't freeze. There is so much butter and sugar (and/or alcoholic beverages) in all of mine that they are preserved very well!

        I once helped a deli owner prepare about 1,000 butter cookies to sell at Christmas, and we did it at some point in November. He did that every year, and stored in a coldish back room til the time came. I don't like to go too far past two weeks myself, they do start drying out a tiny bit.