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Foodie Gifts this holiday season - what are you asking for or giving?

I've asked for a larger knife block - the 30-something slot one - because I have too many knives to fit the current one.

I got DH the Igrill thermometer gizmo - with both probes. I think he'll be pleased.
I'm giving my Halloween-obsessed bestie a Ginger-dead-Man cookie cutter, along with my grandmother's recipes for gingerbread and sugar cookies.
My sister is getting the OCD cutting board - it fits her food quirks. :)
DBIL is getting wawa K cups.
DSIL asked for my DH to make her a batch of ABTs, which he may depending on the weather.

Is there some special tool or treat you are hoping to find under the tree this Christmas?

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  1. My parents live in a small town without great access to specialized ingredients, so a big sack of high-end cheeses and specialty spices, etc., is always part of their gift. I also got my DH an Aeropress for his desk at work, since he is a coffee addict. I asked for a stockpot, myself, and I found out through my sister that my mother bought it for me, so I am looking forward to some high-capacity cooking in 2013!

    1. For the first time in years I haven't asked for anything food related for Christmas. Running out of storage space. But I'm sure that I will get some goodies in my stocking.

      I do plan to give many food related gifts. My father a air popper, popcorn kernels, and a jar of my apple pie jam. My mom is getting a selection of artisan chocolate bars, jam, lemon flavored honey, and Kind bars. All my brother wants for Christmas is a couple jars of pickled string beans that I made this summer from my CSA bounty. I'm feeling generous so I threw in a jar of my strawberry jam and apple pie jam.

      My parents plan to give my siamese a few bags of a treat that he is addict to.

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        Would you please post your recipe for apple pie jam on the Home Cooking board. Sounds great. I have a bunch of pears that are totally ripe, and I bet I could sub them. Thank you.

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            Thank you, Viperlush. I'm going to try the pear sub. It looks like it will work. Best holidays.

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          To add to my list, BF will be getting a bag of roasted (not in peanut oil) cashews, all natural maraschino cherries, and a bottle of the Harpoon 100 barrel series. My mother will also be getting a box marzipan.

        2. At the top of my list is a mandoline, a misto, the sausage stuffer attachment kit for my kitchen-aid mixer, a pizza stone, and a large pastry mat.

          I also have about a gazillion cookbooks on my list. I keep a running Amazon wishlist throughout the year where I add things that look interesting.

          Oh, and I would really like this funny pepper mill :) http://www.amazon.com/Kikkerland-Babu...

          I got my mom 2 silicone pastry mats and a microplane. She used mine when I was temporarily living with her and was sad when I took them. She bought herself a Kitchen Aid pro mixer... better than the one I took with me!

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            that pepper mill is great!

            I was looking for a good carving board to put on my list, one with nice deep grooves. my current carving board is cracked and the meat juices leak onto the counter.

            this is the gingerdead man cookie cutter: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e9de...

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              I love both the peppermill and the gingerdead man!

              I bought my mom a chocolate liquor locker on Amazon: cool as all get out! 64 assorted chocolate bottles filled with cranberry vodka, Galliano, CC, Cointreau and some others from Anthon Berg.

              A few lucky recipients will enjoy a marzipan pig with their gift.

            2. Ooh, a bigger knife block. I should have added that to my list!

              I asked for an immersion blender, a new food scale, and a cast iron skillet.

              I've already got my list started for next year, but I think I'm going to have to take some stuff to Goodwill to make room!

              BF asked for a meat grinder. His parents gave it to him early and we've already used it once. Fresh ground venison is so fluffy!

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                  Oh gosh! Did you get it? I'd have to get some more knives to fill up that baby!

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                    no one bought it for me, so I ordered it for myself. it.is.HUGE.
                    all the knives I own are now housed together (YAY), and I have room to grow my collection!

              1. I giving seasoned salts-porcini/Parmesan and lemon/rosemary. I also giving picked jalapeƱos that someone posted on here. This is in addition to my usual Bloody Mary vodka.

                Technically I didn't ask for anything but I am redoing the kitchen this spring so that's my gift. Woot!

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                  woohoo foodiex2!!! i SOOOOo want to redo my kitchen!!!

                2. Finally decided I want a Vitamix.

                  Giving sis & BIL a gift card to a steakhouse which they otherwise only enjoy on special occasions.

                  I sent mom a couple of mixes from King Arthur Flour during their 12cent shipping sale on 12/12. Although my parents enjoy baked goods, mom doesn't bake and they live in a small town lacking in the culinary delights readily available in larger metropolitan areas.

                  Giving 14yr old DD popover mix & popover pan (got the idea during KAF shipping promo :) She's asked for popover pan now & then but I've never been a fan of buying equipment used for a singular purpose. Except for something like an espresso machine which is used everyday!

                  1. Cocao Barry Extra Brute and Bouchon Bakery.

                    1. Well I don't celebrate Christmas, but we don't do gifts in my family anyway and I'm single, so if I want something now or any other time of year I have to buy it for myself. It's been a tight year, so no holiday season splurges for me this time around.

                      As for giving, I'm planning to make several varieties of truffles and spiced nut mixes for my neighbors and all the service people I encounter on a regular basis (gym staff, hair & nail salon, etc). I have an old high school acquaintance who works for Cacao Barry and I mentioned that I was going to make truffles...the next day there was a FedEx box at my door with *15 lbs* of Callebaut chocolate. So I guess that was my holiday foodie gift this year, even if I am regifting it in a sense :)

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                        Woohoo! Fifteen POUNDS of Callebaut- now there's a gift to make one's mouth water. Happy truffling!

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                          For the past decade plus, I've given friends and relatives the 3-pound box of fresh asparagus from Mr. Spear. Everyone LOVES it and I get phone calls from all over the country telling me "thanks" and that they can't wait for it to arrive... usually in April!! Makes Christmas last a long, long time!

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                            He'll be getting a large thank-you gift of truffles :)

                        2. I gave a friend a culatello because there was a (incredibly slim) potential that he and his family would miss out on some porky goodness. Figured it would keep them busy as they could cut a little off, drink a little, repeat as their Xmas meal ran through the cooking process.

                          Always the same rotation of items on the list for myself, with this year being the 15" Nehoni takobiki.

                          1. I asked for Burma (the cookbook), poultry sheers ( I love my kitchen sheers, but they are not strong enough for spatchcocking), and a ninja blender system ( I'd love a vitamix, hope this is the next best thing).

                            Merry Christmas to all!

                            1. Well, every year I get a SLEW of foodie gifts from dear hubby - chef biographies, cookbooks to add to my collection (numbering in the hundreds now), gadgets, appliances, little gourmet food items he knows I like - he never ceases to surprise me.

                              As far as giving, the food gifts I've sent this year have been a sampler of seafood soups from "Lobstergram" for my elderly aunt, a set of "blooming teas" & additional tea accessories to a friend, 4 smoked Cornish Game Hens from Burger's Smokehouse to some out-of-state friends, & a gift basket of a nice burgundy wine, a couple of good cheeses, & some crackers to my friend in England.

                              1. I-grill, kcups, OCD Cutting board and ginger dead man were huge hits. I didn't get the knife block, so I'll be placing an order tomorrow!

                                1. I gave a few food-related gifts that were either on people's wish lists or Pinterest pages. They included a slow cooker and a slow cooker cookbook; a large cast iron skillet and a "mitt" for the handle; a ceramic pie dish; a Keurig coffee maker; a selection of craft beers from a local brewery; and a bottle of citrus olive oil. Foodie gifts I received included a rotisserie, a moldable cork basket and a countertop cookbook holder.

                                  1. I gave my brother-in-law some local peanut butter: http://www.peanutprinciple.com/

                                    They have super great flavors and really pay attention to what goes into their products. We also use their peanut butter at the bakery I work at. Nothing like getting 30lbs of PB delivered by the owners. :) I got him the Smore flavor and he was really excited.

                                    I wish someone had gotten me chocolates from here:

                                    I have been to her shop a few times and they are everything handmade lovely chocolates should be.

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                                      WOW, now I want some of those chocolates, too! I saved both--I'm not even a big PB freak, but some of those combos are way tempting!

                                    2. We asked for and received gift certificates to our favorite restaurants in NYC. Can't ask for much more!