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Dec 19, 2012 06:15 AM

Jungsik or Atera?

I'll be coming to NYC in January and need some help picking between these two restaurants.

My concern with Atera is that they seem to be gimmicky for the sake of being gimmicky (e.g. squid "noodles", salsify churros, razor clams). I don't mind these disguise dishes as long as they're better than the originals.

Jungsik seems to be getting a lot of love on the boards but not so much from the professional critics?

I'm currently leaning towards Jungsik to be the "safer" bet in terms of deliciousness.


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  1. I love both restaurants. Atera isn't gimmicky. The food is very creative and delicious. I've dined twice at Atera since the summer, and once at Jungsik (I was supposed to dine there again last week, but I had to cancel my reservation due to a business dinner). I'd say the big difference is at Jungsik, you'll be seated at a table, while at Atera, you'll be seated at a counter. Service at both restaurants is excellent. Food is excellent at both restaurants. Bottom line: you'll have a wonderful time at either restaurant.

    1. Something else I'll need to consider

      Looks like Atera will be hosting a collaboration dinner during my stay.

      1. Had another fabulous dinner at Jungsik last night. Did the 10 course tasting with wine pairings. I'll tell you this- If you want a fabulous meal, and something that you can't get anywhere else in NY, then don't miss Jungsik!!

        1. Just had dinner at Atera last night. I must say I didn't think the food was as great as I would have expected. In fact I didn't find any dishes that "wow'ed" me, and only very few (may be two- three) that I had "oh this is delicious" when I had them. The service, other than one server Matt who was truly exceptional and one of the top server you just remember and love, all the other staff was quite lukewarm and in fact the front person was quite rude. I am glad I had tried, but to me it didn't live up to the expectation at all.

          I will be going to Jungsik on Xmas day. Can't wait to see how it compares.

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            Aw, sorry the experience didn't meet your expectations. Finding good food can be so arbitrary sometimes. Are there restaurants you have in mind as alternatives to Atera?

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              calf, not sure what you mean by alternatives to Atera? I have already had the meal…..

              1. re: kobetobiko

                I meant alternatives in general, as in where anyone might think of going instead of Atera, or what you thought was better or preferable. Just being on the lookout for more restaurants to try :)

          2. Jungsik is excellent. Chowhounders are far better than the professional critics. and i mean that.
            in any case, this may make you feel better. Jungsik just got a Michelin Star. The chef at jungsik is very well respected in Korea as well.