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Dec 19, 2012 03:20 AM

Help! - gravad lax

Made some gravad lax, using skinless salmon and it's turned out a bit too salty.

Are there any established ways to fix this? I presume soaking in water for a while will solve the problem (as you'd do with over-salty bacon)?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I don't think I would water soak nor do I think all is lost.

    If you have the texture you like and want,you'll lose it.How salty is too salty?
    "a bit too salty"is easy to adapt and work with.
    maybe a short additional cure with just sugar

    Not knowing your menu purpose,main,app etc.
    Maybe rethink,add to the condiments things that balance well with and against salt without a ton of work.
    sour cream or ranch dressing with a sweet note
    not quite sweet pickled,onion,fine shred cabbage
    grated apple

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    1. re: lcool

      Thanks, yes, good ideas - it'll be served with the classic mustard and dill sauce, which is fairly sweet - so hopefully that will balance it out.

    2. I have soaked over-salty gravlax in water with good results.

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      1. re: ZoeLouise

        Cheers ZoeLouise - how long are we talking about here - an hour?

        1. re: Robinson88

          Something like that. Just taste it and see.